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Taqueria Rosticeria Fresca posts liquor license placard

by Prince Of Petworth October 26, 2016 at 10:22 pm 21 Comments

701 H Street, NE

The placard says:

“New restaurant with 50 seats and a Total Occupancy Load of 50. Serving Mexican cuisine. Restaurant also has a Sidewalk Café with 48 seats.”

This is the former former ‘The Spot’ deli (and Grace Deli before that) – what’s the early word on Taqueria Rosticeria Fresca who opened up back in January?

Their Facebook page says:

“Original taste of Mexico with an addition of Peruvian style chicken”

Check out their menu after the jump.

Click to enlarge:



  • RV

    No mention of pineapple under tacos al pastor?

    I won’t even bother checking this place out.

  • Hill Denizen

    That is a HUGE menu. Please just stick to a few things and do them well. DC residents’ palates are sophisticated enough that they will patronize a place with just authentic Mexican food, even a place with just a selection of authentic tacos. No need to add a bajillion items to try to please every single taste.

    • I love tacos

      And yet, I’ve been going here for months and they do all of those dishes really, really well. If they can cook all of that food and keep it at a high quality, why not offer that? I know I appreciate it, and when ordering for a bunch of people they value the variety. Also, this menu is a fraction of what I see on just about every Chinese, Thai, and sushi restaurant in the district (including some really excellent places), so your comment that they have too many offerings are misplaced.

    • tacotacotaco

      That’s what I thought when I first saw it, but they do everything great so why not? The chicken tostadas are my favorite. This place is always packed, even in the middle of the day with construction workers. It seems that the menu size is working out for them just fine.

    • Jojo

      Most the items on that menu draw from the same few ingredients. It’s not outrageous at all.

  • Near Northeaster

    The tacos al pastor have pineapple and this place is really good. I like the food more than chupacabra down the street.

    • anon

      Chupacabra down the street is horrendous.

    • LNontheHill

      The food here is really very good (and it’s the real deal)–the empanadas are outstanding, and the prices are very reasonable. We live in the neighborhood, and this is in our regular take-out rotation, though we’ve never been tempted to sit down and eat. (+1 also to the comment below that we wish it were open on Sundays!)

      For the record, Chupacabra doesn’t compare. Went there one time, and that was enough.

    • el

      Agreed. The tortillas here are steamed and soft and delicious! Chupa’s are dry, that is the dealbreaker for me really

  • Anon

    I’ve been to this place a few times and I think it’s really good. Definitely beats the pants off all the other Mexican-ish options on H. I wish they were open on Sundays, though – that’s usually our takeout night, so we don’t eat there as much as we would otherwise.

  • ctk

    Rave: Cubs

    • ctk

      lol, I’m leaving it here.

  • lm

    food is actually much better than chupucabra, but i usually end up going to chupucabra because of the outdoor seating

  • Kon8th

    I live in the area and have tried many items on the menu. Always pleased and often the staff are very warm and they are helpful to people unfamiliar with the menu. The seating area doesn’t offer a lot of ambiance but I’m always getting take away so not a huge issue. My understanding is that the space that was a hair salon on 7th between G&H (same building) will be their bar.

  • northeazy

    Really like this place. Definitely the most authentic/best of all the taco places in and around H st. including Sol, Chupacabra, Far East, TaKorean, and Impala (Impala is pretty authentic tho). I think it is awesome they are expandingwith a bar. HOWEVER, and it pains me to say this, I think their tacos are the worst of all the H st taquerias. Just bland with crumbly tortillas and no pizzazz whatsoever. But everything else is amazing. It is as close to Super Taco as you can get.

  • Carlll

    These are best tacos on H, much better than other overpriced “hipster” options. The staff (family of owners?) are happy to make good recommendations if you’re intimidated by the large menu.

  • jesse

    So many of the construction workers working on the Apollo go there and they all seem to get the Tampiquena…I tried it and it was awesome. Great option on H.

  • Erik

    Just don’t order a breakfast burrito. They don’t have them. I was there one morning and according to the cashier would not make one.

    • lindz0722

      There’s no breakfast burrito on their menu, so…. seems logical enough they wouldn’t make one.

  • [email protected]

    As someone who has eaten lots of pastor in Mexico, South texas, and southern Cali, pineapple served with the tacos is now t a universal thing. There is a lot of variation in regional styles and what is canon in Mexico City does not hold true for all regions, especially when you move North of the border.

    This place has the best/most authentic Mexican food on H Street by a mile. Haven’t explored much in other parts of DC but would bet it ranks up there.

  • lindz0722

    I love that this restaurant (which I think is a great one) is adding a bar, but in particular I’m just excited to see more happening in the mid stretch of H. Now I hope we can get some more news about that rumored Cava Grill….(!!)


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