Washington, DC


From an email:

“When: October, 20th, 5:30pm-6:30pm
600 5th Street, NW

Who: DC Residents Who are Against Service Cuts

Social Media Link.

What: Metro has proposed cutting late night service (and off peak service for some stations), permanently.

On Thursday, Oct 20th metro will be holding a hearing to get feedback from residents.

Concerned residents will host a rally outside the Metro Building and show up to the hearing with signs and let metro know that we need to fix the system but it should not come to the detriment of D.C. residents.

In one of the richest regions in the United States, we can find creative and effective solutions to fix our transportation system.

Our leaders should develop a “regional agreement” between MD,VA,DC leaders, businesses, and advocates to say no to late night service cuts (and off peak service cuts at some stations) and yes to pushing for additional funding that does not come off the backs of area residents.”


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