“Our building’s and our own treatment is doing nothing to fix an ongoing roach problem. Is moving the only solution?”

by Prince Of Petworth October 26, 2016 at 1:40 pm 33 Comments

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“I know people have posted before about extermination but I couldn’t find anything that quite fit our situation. My husband and I have been having issues with roaches in our apartment for the past 5 months. In theory the building’s treatment is thorough, but not working. We have to take EVERYTHING out of our kitchen and bathroom cabinets and they spray all of it. We’ve had to do this at least 8 times since June and it’s a huge inconvenience. My husband said someone from maintenance told him one or two of the nearby apartments are not complying with pest control and leave out pet food, which is obviously a huge problem.

We’re doing everything else we can think of short of bug bombing to augment the treatments and nothing works. If anything it seems to be getting worse. We’ve put out traps and bait. We’re keeping everything very clean and even stopped using our dishwasher and stove because we see a lot of them around those appliances. We just put down boric acid powder and baits, so I don’t know if that will help yet.

We’ve complained to the building multiple times and asked what else they are doing to fix the problem. They just keep scheduling the same treatments and ignore our questions about other steps they are taking. I’m so frustrated they just keep doing the same thing that clearly isn’t working. They offered to let us move to another apartment in another area of the same building, but we might just have the same problem there. There was a notice on the building’s front door last week that DCRA was inspecting some of the apartments, but I don’t know if it is related to this issue.

We’re at our wits end. Is there anything else we can do short of moving? I’m applying for a job outside of DC that I won’t hear anything about until at least January, so it would be a logistical nightmare to find a short-term lease and possibly have to move twice in such a short amount of time.

TL;DR – Our building’s and our own treatment is doing nothing to fix an ongoing roach problem. Is moving the only solution?”

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