Washington, DC


The petition says:

“Metro SafeTrack maintenance is an extremely important initiative that will hopefully improve the safety of the Washington DC public rail system which has been in disrepair for years. The residents of DC, Maryland, and Virginia; as well as millions of visitors to the area have dealt with the disruption that systematic closures to rail lines have incurred. These closures are a necessary inconvenience to reduce the number of, and impact of accidents surrounding the Metro system. However in the coming weeks, the Washington Nationals will be entering the playoffs for the third time in their brief history.

The stadium was intelligently designed to rely heavily on Metro to passenger fans to and from the games. At present time, the Metro is scheduled to close at 11:20 PM on days that the Nationals would be playing at home; this would result in many fans having to leave the game during the 7th inning or earlier.

Mr. Paul Wiedelfeld needs to make an exception for our perennial playoff contender so that fans can enjoy our home team and that we can provide the support the players need to bring home a World Series win. Anything less than a packed house through 9 innings would be an embarrassment for the city, the team, the fan base, and the Metro rail system.”


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