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  • huh?

    huh? another lulu lemon. logan circle/u street needs another lulu lemon about as much as we need another furniture store.

  • MK

    Seems awful close to the current location on P Street. Relocation maybe?

    • maxwell smart

      Was thinking the same thing. Surely 1 neighborhood doesn’t need 2 lululemon. Unless it’s going to be a Men’s only store (like they have in SoHo)?

      • 14th and U is not really the same neighborhood as 15th and P

        • maxwell smart


        • anon

          maybe not if you’re starbucks and figuring out how far someone would go for convenient coffee, but if you’re selling fancy yoga gear (or really, almost anything else), then yeah… five blocks apart? they’re the same neighborhood…

        • disagree


      • Ross

        That would make sense, knowing they cater to a particular male demographic.

  • flieswithhoney

    Maybe it’s a delivery from lululemon to a person named Bennett?

    • maxwell smart

      That probably makes more sense

  • JC

    It’s a relocation from the space on P.

  • Conor

    This is probably a Lululemon Delivery for someone named Bennett….especially considering they spelled Lululemon wrong on the first try.


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