Washington, DC

“I am the victim.”


“Dear PoPville,

I am the victim.

On the evening of sept 23 my uber driver Richard, picked me up from my work (hair salon on 14th st NW) and dropped me off at my apt complex in SE DC. A week after my ride, he made his first call to my salon asking for me. The receptionist informed him that I did not know who he was. He continued to call 2 other times on separate days. Again the receptionists gave him the same response.When this didn’t work, he came into my salon asking for me by name. The front desk explained that I was out and may not be coming back to the salon( which wasn’t true but for the sake to keep him away they said this) . He did this an additional two more times and again the receptionist explained that I was no longer working there. Luckily the 3 times he has come in, it has been my day off or I have been out. A couple of my coworkers have witnessed seeing him all 3 times in the salon.

I have texts on days Oct 9 and 14th from coworkers saying when he was there. Last night Oct 28, I was with a client when I looked outside through the window and saw him staring at me. After we made eye contact he very creepily and slowly moved behind the bushes outside my salon where I couldn’t see him.I waited a couple minutes and proceeded to stop my service with the client and see if I could go outside and find this person. I popped my head out and he was gone. 4 days ago I reached out to uber support and have still not received a response from them.

Last night, my client helped me reach out to uber again. Still nothing. I called the cops last night around 9pm for a non emergency call to see what I should do. The officer came to my salon to talk and explained to me that there was nothing they could do besides write a “miscellaneous report” because this is a “place of business” and anyone can walk in when and if they want.

I am trying to get in contact with uber so I can get his license plate number and last name. Until they contact me, I am missing details. His name is Richard. About 6 feet tall. Skinny. Blondish hair with glasses.”


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