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“Found Man’s Wedding Band and Watch in Car2Go at Marietta Pl NW in Brightwood Park”

by Prince Of Petworth October 19, 2016 at 1:45 pm 17 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user laurabl

“I found a man’s watch and wedding band in a Car2Go on the morning of October 7th at the 800 block of Marietta Place NW. The folks at Car2Go have not been helpful in getting these items back their owner, despite having the information about who used the car before I did. If this could be yours, please provide your contact information. If you can describe the watch accurately, I will arrange to get the items back to you. Thanks!”

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  • anonymous

    I had similar experience – found a set of large bongo drums in the trunk. Spent 15 mins try to explain to service rep that it was not mine, but probably belonged to previous user of the car. All he/she needed to do is look it up in the computer system and contact them to see if they left something in the trunk.

    We just left the contents in the trunk and hoped the owner eventually came and claimed it.

  • LGinMtP

    Car2go’s local customer service has been pretty awful in my experience. Especially with things like this, but across the board.

    • kwame

      I couldn’t agree more. I accidentally left something in the car and someone else had reserved it in the time I realized it and customer service refused to unlock it for me and told me I had to sit and wait for the person to show up. The person was of course a no show and I had to sit there for 30 minutes until I could reserve and pay again just to open the door.

    • Ms. D

      Good to know that my decision to stay away after an early and extremely disappointing trial is bearing out.

    • INWDC

      Yeah my car2go experience in general has been pretty bad as well. The fact that they can’t/won’t attempt to get this wedding ring reunited with its customer is pretty indicative of the Car2Go’s shitty service.

  • Ashy Oldlady

    They appear to be fairly responsive via Twitter. Have you tried contacting them on there?

  • Mike

    Wedding band removed in a car! I was going to come her and post something spicy about hanky-panky until I remembered C2G uses basically skateboards with doors that don’t have any back seats. Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

    • SW,DC

      doesn’t mean the C2G wasn’t the get away vehicle in a steamy hotel affair…

    • CatieCat

      I thought same thing lol

    • andy2

      I had a condom wrapper in a C2G

    • Anyone having sex in a C2G probably deserves an Olympic gold medal in gymnastics.

  • Macy0105
    • CatieCat

      and a happy ending thanks to Pop! Boo car2go for zero customer service!

      • Fancypants

        OP here. Contact has been made and the exchange will happen this evening. Thanks POP for elevating this to the blog. Glad to have a happy ending! I hope that Car2Go can figure out a better way to deal with these kinds of situations since they likely happen with some regularity. Maybe they can outsource their lost & found efforts to POP and Dan can pocket a little extra revenue? Everybody wins!

        • Great to find the owner, but of course you know we all DESERVE to know how the watch and wedding ring wound up left in the car!!!!!

          • Anonymous

            Probably fell out of an open jacket pocket. I don’t wear my ring or watch to the gym.

          • Macy0105

            as the “loser” of the items, I can say that it’s always a good idea to make sure that when you put valuable items into a pocket of a backpack, make sure you zip up the pocket!


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