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Cava Grill possibly coming to H Street, NE – No Lease Signed Yet

by Prince Of Petworth October 3, 2016 at 10:22 pm 19 Comments

6th and H Street, NE

I believe the expression is boom!

Update: Or potentially boom. Cava Grill updates me via email saying this is not a done deal and that no lease has been signed yet. Updates when/if the deal is sealed.

Ed. Note: Back in March we noted that the building was on the market originally listed at $3,000,000. In July it sold for $1,150,000. Updates as construction progresses for Cava.

  • anon

    I live two blocks from here. Could not be more excited! Of course this will do no good at all for my goal to get less take out and cook more.

    • anon

      Well shoot! I suspend my excitement until further notice :(


  • BiLL

    I’m glad this space will be put into productive use. I stopped in twice when it was the 6th and H Grill and it was a disaster inside both times. No surprise it shut down.

    • It was always open but not open or randomly closed, such a cluster#@%

  • hillyeah

    so excited!!!

  • Connor

    I went in on their first week to check it out. It was so poorly managed and disorganized. It was very clear the manager had no experience running a bar or restaurant. It’s sad because it had such potential for becoming a neighborhood sports bar. I am excited about the potential new prospect

  • northeazy

    As H street turns more and more into a ho hum every neighborhood and loses its bohemian feel, I can’t help but want to blame places like 6th and H bar and grill. The few times I went, while the service sucked, they were always pretty busy and I heard great things about their wings. They were basically the only sports bar on H (The Pug is too small and Half Time is a joke). They should’ve survived. But they didn’t. I believe this was an issue of mismanagement and amateur ownership. And because of this, H st loses a mom and pop and inherits a corporate chain (albeit a tasty local one).

    So my question to the PoPville community, can an ANC review a potential business plan and say “nah, you guys are too inexperienced/poor business plan etc. and risk turning our store front into a faceless chain in a year or two.

    I understand this is a dangerous proposition, but I think it is also dangerous for H st. to look like Chinatown.

    • Out of curiosity why is Half Time a joke? I’ve never been, but walked by last weekend and realized I had completely forgotten it existed (and was surprised to see it still open).

    • BiLL

      First, what business experience do the ANCs have? There’s no requirement that any commissioner has to have any particular sort of experience in order to serve on the commission — it’s whomever wins the elections. Second, what about property rights? A private entity owns the physical space — it’s up to that entity to decide how the space will be used within the confines of the zoning regulations for that parcel of space. You’re looking for a government solution (i.e. the ANCs to determine who has enough business experience to open a business) to fix a perceived “problem” (i.e. H Street looking like Chinatown), that I would argue isn’t a problem at all. It’s “dangerous” for H Street to look like Chinatown? Please explain that to me.

      • Connor

        I think also having an entity decide if you have enough experience could really hurt new businesses. What would define “enough experience”? Plus, if a person does have plenty of experience, there is no one of knowing if the business will be a success or flop. There are plenty of businesses run by very experienced and seasoned professionals that have flopped. I think there are too many factors to be taken into consideration than just experience,

    • stacksp

      Why is Half Time a joke? Its the most legit looking sports bar in that area. It actually resembles a sports bar and not a bar that occasionally shows sports.

      • Trinidaddy

        They don’t have NFL Sunday Ticket(at least they didn’t last year) and the owner has pulled a gun on people…it’s not the best place by any means. Yeah I’d say it’s kind of a joke.

        • KRose85

          Hi everyone, please come check out the NEW Halftime! My parents have been owners since April of 2015 and have worked hard to improve service and the menu options including a full menu of wings. The owner you’re referring to is no longer involved in Halftime. Every Sunday we have a football brunch and all the games. I would encourage anyone who thinks Halftime is a joke to come back and visit us!

  • Sa

    I don’t want a mass-produced chain-store type H St NE with chunky 1000+ apartment buildings everywhere one looks (that’s the Chinatown feel). Hopefully H St NE will manage to preserve as many of the townhouses as possible and avoid monolithic new structures.

    However, Cava Grill is a welcome addition in my view – a local chain and nice food. I really like their fast casual scenario on H St NW at 7th.

    On the question about ANCs reviewing business models – I agree with another person above who noted that the ANCs themselves are not qualified to make such judgments. Moreover, we should leave it open for all mum and pop shops to give it a go. That’s the only way we get future local chains and successful business. Nothing wrong with business failure, per se. It’s a necessary ingredient for innovation. Obviously, where the business failure is due to mis-management, then that’s unfortunate and not necessarily indicative of a poor business concept. The 6th and H site is a really good position and I am confident Cava Grill would make it look better (get rid of the ugly brown and open up the exterior with larger windows/foldback glass doors.

  • Girl on a Hill

    Yes. Yes. Yes. I really hope this becomes reality!

  • F ST NE

    I feel kinda bad for Micho’s which is two blocks away….it’s pretty similar (fast casual med bowls/wraps but they also have Kabobs)) and I have to admit, I prefer Cava Grill….

    • Yeah, Micho’s is terrible though (at least when I’ve gone), so I don’t expect them to last very long.

      • Sa

        Agreed. They were good when they opened but have really gone downhill over the last year or so


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