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That was Fast – Sports Bar at 6th and H St, NE For Sale

by Prince Of Petworth March 16, 2016 at 10:22 pm 28 Comments

6th and H Street, NE

6th and H Street Bar and Grill opened up in July of 2015. A new real estate listing says:

“Opportunity is here. Hot newly renovated property in Washington’s revitalized and popular H St. Corridor. Huge corner lot, with additional 10+ feet of sidewalk at corner of 6th and H St. Two levels of space with finished basement, three baths, ton of storage space, office space and security systems. All furnishings and build out are included. Full service bar/kitchen area and commercial equipment.”

It’s listed at $3,000,000.

In the meantime you can see 6th and H Street Bar and Grill’s menu here.

  • Anonymous

    H St. is losing its mojo. The hype maybe ending now that the streetcar has shown its low real transit value. Well it was a good run…

    • anonymous

      H street has potential hasn’t even scratched the surface yet. There is so much major developments in the pipeline on H street and surrounding neighborhoods.

      • Yeah look with the Whole Foods coming it’s the beginning of the end. Look what happened to Logan!!!!!

    • Josh

      When the Metro first opened, there was only a starter line from Rhode Island Avenue to Farragut North. That was it. It had limited reach and wasn’t much of a transit tool. However, as the *system* was built out, it became an integral part of our regional transportation network. With DC’s growth continuing and Metro not looking to build additional lines in the District for the foreseeable future, building a streetcar *system* makes sense. True, the starter line on H Street has extremely limited value — just like the starter line of the Metro system had limited value. However build the system (and yes, there are certainly room for improvements), and see it become an integral part of the city’s transportation system. Whereas Metro requires the input from MD, VA, DC, and the Feds, the streetcar is a DC owned system that can advance DC transportation priorities.

      • Anonymous

        I understand your point but unfortunately the $200M debacle is not likely to garner support for further expansion so I believe we are stuck with this 2 mile slow line to a walk from Union Station

    • TX2DC

      Lol So one bar is for sale and this is somehow indicates H Street is “over”? Dramatic much?

    • Dadric

      H Street is losing its mojo because arguably the least interesting spot on the street is closing? Strong thinking. Stick to Clarendon, bro.

    • Brandon

      Lol. Yeah. We’ve all been buying property/going out on H street because of the street car…

      • Anonymous

        Actually that is a big reason why we invested in the area so not as far off as you might think

    • I know my H

      This bar was terrible….generic atmosphere, low quality food, crappy beer selection. Service was ok at best. Pretty clear that this was one bad business that couldn’t compete with the good bars on H street and not a sign that H street as a whole is struggling.

    • Jesse

      How is the air up there?

  • Tim

    Hardly. With a steady pipeline of residential projects and major anchors including the first whole foods on the east side, the H street trajectory is propelling it upward as a major retail corridor like 14th street (for better or worse). The fast closing of this establishment doesn’t indicate changing market trends, rather a poor business plan and equally poor execution.

    • anon

      Completely agreed. H St is also getting a lot more expensive than it was in the past and has tons of restaurant options now, so small businesses will have a harder time from here on out. Though it was nice to see a more casual/less expensive option, I was just never excited about this place so never went despite living a block and a half away.

      • Karen D King

        The problem is that there was nothing distinctive about this place. The Big Board was established with basically the same food concept a block away. H St. is not over, but this place never did anything interesting. If Hikari, the sushi spot next to construction, can stay alive on H St., this place could have been something.

      • HStreeter

        Agreed. Also only 2 blocks away and this place was never appealing to me. I looked pretty empty every time I passed by and there was always a random cop outside which I didn’t understand. And I heard lackluster reviews from neighbors who tried it out.

        I hope we get another decent restaurant option here. I’m holding out for a legit brunch place with multiple egg and make your own omelet options, french toast, pancakes, etc.

    • Anon H St

      Yeah this place had uniformly bad reviews and was just as blah as could be, no charm at all. No reason to go there with the Big Board one block away doing a much better job. Certainly not an indicator of the health of the commercial corridor as a whole. Hopefully something cool moves into the space!

  • Josh


    • Josh

      Meant to reply to Tim’s comment.

  • stacksp

    Any plans for hechinger mall?

  • dh

    it was poorly executed. the place seemed basic at best. plus, i really don’t think h street is a big sports fan area, but i could be wrong on that.

    • Jojo

      Bars down the street like Queen Vic and the Pug already have a solid handle on the sports fan demographic, especially for morning events such as Premier League.

  • H St

    Not surprised at all. Went here one time to watch a basketball game on a Saturday afternoon. It took over an hour to get fried, bar food. Our game was almost over. We were a group of 4 and the only ones there besides 2 people at the bar. We think our owner was the waiter and basically told us we wanted shots and wings and started to right it down, before we stopped him. Super awkward experience. Never went back.

  • This place was so poorly run. You could never tell if it was actually open, as the days varied, most times it had the steel cage door closed (even if people were inside), and they had the “GRAND OPENING” sign up basically from the day they opened up until they closed. A truly lost / wasted opportunity for a location that really only had to last until the apartments across the street were finished, when they could have made serious bank.

  • P Streeter

    Watched a few NFL Sunday games there this fall and I’ll definitely miss it. It was one of the few bars along H with a diverse crowd and the bartenders and servers were very friendly and fun. The space is great but it’s more suitable for something like a cute corner bar than a full-blown sports bar. Seating was always an issue and it attracted lots of people (like me) who would park at the bar for a full football game without ordering much.


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