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Cat Found in Mount Pleasant; Missing from Bloomingdale

by Prince Of Petworth October 1, 2016 at 1:26 pm 14 Comments


Update: “The cat’s owner was located. It is an indoor/outdoor cat that recently lost its tags.”

“I found this cat on my stoop on Park Rd in Mt Pleasant. Neighbors haven’t ever seen this cat before. It is in my house right now in a quiet room with food, water, and a litter box. Despite the gargoyle pic, she is super friendly. Hoping maybe someone knows if this cat belongs to someone!”


“Last seen in Mid-August near 1st and V St, NE
Black and Gray with orange collar “Templeton”
Tail slightly bent at tip
Shy but friendly
If you have seen him, please call or text 586-872-1328
Thank you!!”

  • AMR

    Re: the Bloomingdale cat.
    Have you looked around Bacio (1st and Seaton Place NW). They feed a few cats and I remember one having a similar coat. Maybe a long shot, but worth checking. You could show the picture to one of their employees who puts out the food.

  • Sara

    Found the owner of the gargoyle cat! She is safe at home.

    • LP

      Happy News!

  • Herewegoagain

    Regarding the grey cat in Mt Pleasant- she was in my deck between Newton and Ingleside the other night. She had been by a few days earlier as well. I posted on the Mt Pleasant list serve with no response yet. I have to think she had a home nearby, but maybe someone moved out and left her.

  • Herewegoagain

    MtPleasant listserve says she might live at 1885 Ingleside. Named Jewel.

    • Anonymous

      The cat in the above picture is not the same cat as the one mentioned on the MtP Forum. (Full grey face vs. grey/white face.)
      I’m surprised that people jump to the worst conclusions about cats allowed outside. I personally keep my cats indoors, but some people don’t, and their cats have proven extraordinarily capable at surviving without human interference. In the case of the MtP cat, she resists being indoors and is very happy outside. She is also very friendly and enjoys inspecting people’s porches and decks. I can also add the owner is a little tired of people thinking her cat is being neglected. You have to admit, “maybe someone moved out and left her” is a pretty big assumption to make.

      • Anon

        Umm, no, it’s not a big assumption to make considering it is not legal for house cats to roam outside in this city. Hasn’t this been discussed before? If your cat wants to go out, put it on a leash and take it for a walk. Also, someone’s going to let a cat outdoors without a collar or tags and get annoyed when people think it might be neglected? Please.

        • Anonymous

          Right. Let’s start with all the dogs off-leash in RCP.

          • textdoc

            This isn’t an either/or proposition — people letting their dogs off-leash in places where leashes are required (like RCP) isn’t a good idea either.

        • textdoc

          +1 to Anon 1:38 p.m.
          YES, there are some cats (like wdc’s previous cat) that cannot adjust to an indoor-only lifestyle. For those cats, please make sure they have a collar with a tag indicating that the cat is indoor/outdoor, and that the cat is microchipped.
          For all other cats… please keep them inside, as recommended by the ASPCA, Humane Society of the United States, and various rescue groups. (And it’s a good idea for indoor-only cats to wear their collars and ID tags 24/7 too, just in case they slip out.)

  • Bigbennu

    Cats when raised right are outdoor animals. It’s ridiculous these comments saying otherwise!

  • meh

    1st and V Street NE is Eckington, not Bloomingdale.

    • meh

      My bad, I meant Edgewood! Just trying to show these neighborhoods some love :)

  • lmfb

    I saw a cat that looked like the bloomingdale cat around 440 V yesterday morning. She had a collar that might have been orange (sorry–i only saw this post later, so wasn’t looking carefully). Very friendly.


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