• caballero

    Gee whiz. For the purpose of this poll, you could give the official name of the football team. At least say “aka Redskins” or something similar so that your readers know who to vote for. All these PC tripwires nowadays prevent us from communicating effectively.

    • I put the sport in parentheses just for you!! Though I suspect had I followed your advice their poll numbers would be less than they are now..

      • dcgator

        I prefer “Redslurs.”

        • LittleBluePenguin


    • Cleveland Park runner

      I’m not sure it’s “preventing us from communicating effectively,” but I find it sanctimonious. That said, they’re a terrible team. Go Broncos.

    • skj84

      Its a shitty offensive name. I think you can get along just fine with it not being printed.

      • Emmaleigh504


      • Kingman Park
        • dcgator

          I’ll just leave this here. http://www.latimes.com/opinion/la-ol-washington-redskins-racism-nfl-native-american-20160525-snap-story.html
          “Also, this whole idea that a survey can tell us whether a concept is offensive leads to silliness. If 50% plus one of Americans in a survey said they didn’t consider the N-word to be offensive, would it come back into acceptable use? What is the line for acceptance?”

          • Kingman Park

            I have one article, you have one article. Is one more correct than the other?

        • skj4

          So? Just because 504 Native Americans don’t find the name offensive, means all Native Americans find the name offensive? I mean, I know a few black folk who have no issue with white people using the N word, but it doesn’t mean all of us feel that way. Or makes it right. Oh, and let me leave this here: https://www.thenation.com/article/on-the-shameful-and-skewed-redskins-poll/

        • skj84

          I will never understand the mindset of people who need to defend offensive terminology. Why does it bother you that multitudes of people find that phrase offensive. Not just Natives, but people of all races and backgrounds? How hard is it to admit, that its wrong and we should move forward? Why is being empathetic others feelings such a hard thing to do?

      • Anon

        Are you equally offended about what is happening in the North Dakota right now? Or the fact the Andrew Jackson is on the $20 bill? Have you ever been to a Reservation?

        Native Americans have A LOT more problems of greater importance than a name.

        • Skj84

          I am actually. Cause I can be offended about all shitty behavior towards Natives. It’s called bein well rounded. Just because the Washington Team name is a lesser offense than the atrocity in North Dakota doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be addressed. Good god I hate this bullshit tactic. Bigotry is bigotry.

          • LittleBluePenguin


          • dcgator

            “Bigotry is bigotry.” Well said.

        • dcd

          Err, about that Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill thing . . .

          • skj84

            +1000. Or +20

    • spaceelephant

      I think it helps us to communicate MORE effectively. We can get the point across (you know which team it is) while also communicating that we value all people and reject racism. Sounds like excellent multi-tasking communication to me.

    • timmyp2353

      Seriously?? Are you saying football fans are that dumb that they need it spelled out for them, literally?
      OK then, Go Nats!!!!!

  • Anon

    Where are the bullets?

    • Anon

      In Petworth, Bloomingdale and occasionally CoHi.

  • anoNE

    Interested in what people are voting for when they mark “Other” because it appears to be as comprehensive of a list as you’re going to get. Maybe HS or college teams??? Leave a note in the comments section, “Other” voters!!

    • I was thinking college teams too

    • MVT

      Washington Valor!

    • Nonny

      As a DC native, I grew up rooting for the Orioles. They were DC’s baseball team until the Nats came.

    • Ampersand

      Another possibility: There are a few of us weirdos who are into the local ultimate frisbee teams. DC Breeze and DC Current are the “pro” teams, while the DC Scandal women’s club team were national champions in 2013 and 2014.

  • stacksp


  • dcd

    Mine is politics, and it isn’t close. However, I didn’t grow up around here, so my sports allegiances lie elsewhere.
    “I suppose it depends what season we’re in but let’s see how the poll shakes out.”
    That’s a very charitable assessment, Prince. You could just as easily suppose that there are a lot of front-runners here. As a lifelong Mets and Jets supporter, I have a special disdain for that type of “fan.”

    • dcgator

      Ditto to this. Not gonna call people out necessarily, but I can’t just move to a place and start rooting for the team, especially when I have my own teams already.

      • dcgator

        That being said, I did vote for the Wiz because Bradley Beal’s a Gator, I love the NBA, they’re (kinda) fun to watch, and no real rivalry or rooting conflict with the Heat.

      • Cleveland Park runner

        Eh, it’s fine if that’s your way of doing it, but it’s perfectly reasonable to do it differently.
        I’m a lifelong football fan, which means that my team has always and will always be my hometown Broncos. But I didn’t start paying attention to baseball until I met my now-husband here in DC, so my allegiances lie with the Nats. That said, even if I ever move out of DC, I will continue to root for the Nats.

      • Truxton Thomas

        Same. I’m not against shifting allegiances, but it’s not for me. That said, while I think I’ll always root for Mizzou and the Cardinals, I’ve conceded that my son will be a Nats fan, and I’m okay with that. (I’m not sure I can say the same for the Redskins, but I’m not a big NFL fan anyway.) By the way, as a politically interested transplant, I voted for Congress and the White House.

    • Ms. D

      I’m especially sensitive to frontrunneritis, since I spent the 80’s being dragged along to watch a shitty team (“they’re still shitty” ~Major League) and then couldn’t get tickets to save my life as a teen into my early 20’s, and am now watching them push for the post-season yet again with the stadium half-empty.
      That said, I have the luxury of adopting the Nats because they’re an NL team, and I’ve had a lot of fun watching them. The $5 tickets and pre-game happy hour are draws. On a cool April or September evening, there is no better place to be than a baseball stadium. I also show up to watch them play the Tribe (*finally*…the schedule change screwed that up something *right* good such that it was the first time here in DC for *9* years a few weeks ago).
      So, I guess, bottom line…go Tribe, then go Nats, then meh. I just watch baseball trades and good major TV in the winter…

  • NH Ave Hiker

    As a New Englander, I’m a diehard Boston sports fan. But since the Nats are NL, I feel like it’s ok to root for them :)

    • NH Ave Hiker

      I don’t like the Caps or Redskins though, so never could root for them.

    • DF

      Another Masshole here! I’m a big Pats fan, but I’ll root for the Nats. :)

      • dcd

        At least you’re self-aware . . .

      • NH Ave Hiker

        Not a Masshole, from NH :)

        • timmyp2353

          another New Hampshirite here. Pats and Celts (die hard Celts) fan but my allegiance has shifted to the Nats in the 11 years I’ve been here. I’m still a Sox fan but can say that if they met in the World Series I’d be pulling for the Nats. Happened organically by going to every opening day, tons of other games, availability of games on tv on a nightly basis and then general realization of how annoying Sox fans can be looking from the outside.

  • Anonymouse

    Does Katie Ledecky count as her own team based on medals/championships won?!

  • ctk

    Nats, easily. I’ll root for them against anyone but the Cubs. Hope those two make it to the NLCS this year.

    (Go Cubs Go)

    • TinkerTaylor

      Same here. Cubs hat at Nats Park when they visit. Nats hat rest of the time. And if they face each other in the NLCS, it’s Cubs Fever. Catch It!

      • dcd

        Unless your name is Bartman, in which case . . . Drop it!
        Too soon?

        • dcgator

          As a Marlins fan, and semi-Chicago sports hater, never too soon :D

          • timmyp2353

            As a Florida sports fan I thought you’re only rivals were old age and the sun?

          • ctk

            Oh, so you’re the Marlins fan. :)

          • dcgator

            Haha, yes I am the lone Marlins fan. There used to be I think two or three others…?

          • ctk

            I typed in a smiley face but it didn’t show up in my post. :(

          • dcgator

            Ha, don’t worry, ctk, I definitely got the joke. In fact, though, I’ve stopped caring as much about the team after all of the ridiculous things Loria has done, not least of which is fleecing the city of Miami, and being so full of shit about his finances that the SEC investigated him. I can’t fully support the team until Loria is gone.

  • SaraEP

    I’m thankful futbol is beating football (smiles)

  • LP

    Georgetown Basketball.

  • I really wish PoP had included an option for “what’s this ‘sports’ thing you’re talking about” just to see how many people select it…

    • Anonymous

      Yes! This is one reason I don’t live in VA.

      • gg

        “This is one reason I don’t live in VA.”

        That doesn’t compute…the only professional sports team in Northern VA are the Prince William Cannons.

        • dcd

          The entire state of Virginia has no top-level professional sports teams. Zero. Although I strongly associate the Caps with Va., based on years of experience transferring from the Orange to the Green line at L’Enfant Plaza and seeing the throngs of bemulleted young men in red jerseys headed to games, along with the older women clutching their purses and staring daggers at all they see, certain that urban dwellers are all going to rob (or worse!) them at any moment.

        • Anonymous

          The vast majority of my coworkers who live in VA (NOVA) talk about sports almost exclusively. It makes for very awkward social gatherings because IDGAF about a football game.
          I share more interests with my DC neighbors talking about home improvement nerdiness.

        • palisades

          The Prince William Cannons…..? I can’t tell if you’re being serious. They haven’t been called that in over 10 years.

        • saf


    • Cam

      I put “other” because I’m not into any local sports, or sports generally.

  • Eric Torrey

    *WHO’S your favorite athlete, or WHICH is your favorite sports team.

    • But how do you spell insufferable correctly? Come correct.

      • NH Ave Hiker


  • Hoyas


  • Ashy Oldlady

    Nats, with the Caps in a distant second. Wiz are way back there and I don’t care about the Washington Football Team or DC United at all.

  • stacksp

    Really shocked to see that the Nats are beating out the Redskins in this poll. A lot of people are working half a day on Monday to make it to the stadium to tailgate before Monday Nights game against the Steelers. A lot of call outs expected on Tuesday.

    • Jojo

      A lot of those people don’t read Popville.

      Really, the answers — over 50% either Nats or DC United — tell you a lot about the demographics here. Not that it’s a good or bad thing, but it’s interesting.

    • Boom

      I did not expect the Skins to be #1, given the fact that a great deal of POPville readers are not originally from this area, however, it is interesting at just how far behind they are in this poll. If this same poll were conducted on WaPo, for instance, I think the Skins would be far and away ahead of everyone else.

      • Don’t underestimate the damage Dan Snyder has done…

        • MsSunshine


  • Anon. no. 5

    Sorry Nats, but before them this town was Orioles country. It’s hard to convert growing up with Cal Ripken and Camden Yards. I certainly go to Nats games and hope they do well, but I’m an O’s fan through and through.

    • AnonV2

      Grew up blocks from Memorial Stadium, went to dozens of games every summer as a kid. The Troll ruined the team I grew up loving. Having been in DC for a couple decades and watching what he did to the O’s in the 90s and early 2000s it was easy to pick up the Nats (season tickets since day 1). Never looked back. They are still my AL team, but head-to-head I don’t bat an eye.

      • Raya

        +1 Grew up with the O’s, first at Memorial Stadium, then Camden Yards. Saw Cal break Gehrig’s record – the emotion inside the ballpark that night transcended anything else I’ve ever personally seen in sports. But I won’t put any more $$$ into the pockets of the Angelos family. I love baseball, so now I follow the Nats.

  • TX2DC


  • AMDCer

    I love my Nats, but I’ve been a fan of the B&G since birth, so have to go with football. Maryland basketball is a very close second.

  • jim_ed

    Honestly its a toss up between Wiz and Nats for me, but I voted Wiz since I know they don’t get much love around here. I’m a lifelong Redskins fan, despite the name, and the horrid owner, and the awful fanbase that consists 90% of guys named Ronnie from Manassas or La Plata, but the way the media and fanbase crucified RG3 and annointed Cousins as team savior finally broke me. I won’t root for another NFL team, but I’ve been actively rooting against the skins for two seasons now. I imagine I’ll come back someday, but I don’t know when.

    • AMDCer

      I can respect and understand why people might have a problem with a team’s management or personnel (I’m no fan of Snyder either – who is?), but my allegiance is to the team as a whole, as an entity, tradition, and institution. The players change every year, but it’s the team that I root for, not any one individual.

    • Mr Show

      Run Ronnnie run

  • But the truth is..

    The Redskins ARE Chocolate City. They have the blackest fanbase in all of the NFL. I’m honestly happy that all of the white yuppie transplants in this city turn their nose to them. Keep rooting for the Packers and the Patriots and the Steelers, all of you Stevens and Megans out there

    • anon

      Sorry, but there are LOTS of black Steeler fans in DC.

      • stacksp

        A bunch of Steelers fans period in DC and they will make the drive up if they were able to score tickets.

    • 5th Generation Washingtonian

      Couldn’t agree more. Redskins are how you know if someone is actually from the area or not.

      PS…Nats and Caps with high numbers is further proof that most voting are transplants

      • mb

        Except when they’re Cowboys fans…

  • HoyaHoyaSaxa!

    Another vote for the Hoyas. I’m from Philly so will never root for the Nats/Washington Football Team/etc but I’m a lifelong Hoyas fan and think they definitely count as a DC sports team!

  • ke

    Grew up in Maryland before the Ravens came to town, so I’ve been a Washington Football Team fan and an O’s fan my entire life. Now that I live in DC, I root for the Nats because they are in the NL. But when they are head-to-head, I root for the O’s.

    I’m a little embarrassed about my football fandom. There are so many reasons not to like the team, or even to have a problem with the sport itself, but rooting for them feels almost reflexive. Sports allegiances are weird.

    • AMDCer

      “Sports allegiances are weird” – absolutely! I’ve thought a lot about that lately – the whole construct of sports teams and fandom is interesting.

  • Literally none. I do not care about DC sports teams at all, and likely won’t no matter how long I stay in this city. I also can’t help but feel like this poll was designed specifically to not use the Redskins name in another post. It’s never going to change, but it sure is nice watching everyone trying to wish it so. But hey I’m a Steelers fan and the steel industry is dead in Pittsburgh, and I grew up Charlotte, a place that has no actual panthers, so what do I know about outdated football team names.


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