Washington, DC

poop free

“Dear PoPville,

Throughout the summer our lovely home at Girard and 13th NW has been targeted by irresponsible dog owners who let/ lead their pets to defecate on the lawn in front of the property. I find and have to clean dog poop at various times throughout the week, ranging from 7 am to 7 pm. It’s just sad that someone would continuously abuse another person’s property like this and disregard both common courtesy and public health. If by any chance the person(s) responsible are reading this, I’d like to let them know that eventually they’ll be caught on camera, publicly shamed and dealt with by the law enforcement. I also wonder if others in the neighborhood have dealt with anything like this.”

Ed. Note: I wonder if the OP has been targeted or if there are just some incredible lazy/inconsiderate dog walkers who use this route?


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