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Car Crashes Into Camden Roosevelt at 16th and V St, NW after the Debate

by Prince Of Petworth September 27, 2016 at 9:30 am 14 Comments


A reader reports:

“Happened right at the end of the presidential debates at Camden Roosevelt on 16th and V NW. Neighbors heard tires screeching and then a loud crash like a trash truck emptying a dumpster. I can’t tell if there is any structural damage to the building, but his car is straddling the surrounding fence. The ambulance is still here, so I doubt the driver is seriously injured. The assumption is a drunk driver, but I have no way of knowing that for sure.

Update since my last email: We saw who we assumed was the driver walking from one ambulance to another. He seemed unsteady, but I still couldn’t tell if that was because he was under the influence or shaken up from the incident. Our building appears to be fine–the fence took the bulk of the impact and two window frames in our gym appear to be slightly damaged.”

Another reader sends a shot from 16th and W:


  • NH Ave Hiker

    Love the URL. Maybe it was intentional…

    • T


  • Anonymous

    How the hell does this happen?

    • HaileUnlikely

      Drugs / alcohol / fell asleep / pedal misapplication error (stepped on gas instead of brake). Lots of possibilities.

  • Bort

    Anyone check the plates?

    • Katelin

      It was a DC driver.

      • ExWalbridgeGuy

        I would be so mad if one of my friends from Maryland did this to my car

        • Emmaleigh504


  • Todd Horowitz

    Never drive while listening to the presidential debates.

  • bric

    Ted Cruz watched the debate and realized his life as he knew it is over and his days in Washington are numbered. #ImWithHer

  • ***

    Poor Xterra.

  • Mike

    I guess we can assume it was a truck under 1 1/4 ton capacity and they thought they had the all clear.

  • SW 20011

    If only pedestrians would wear brightly colored clothing at night and crossed only at marked intersections.

    Oh, wait…

  • Anonymous

    My entirely unscientific guess: they were flying down the 16th St hill, tried to beat a car headed north on 16th while taking a left on Florida Ave, narrowly missed the northbound car and lost control making the turn.


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