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Signage Up for Service Bar coming to U Street

by Prince Of Petworth September 15, 2016 at 10:05 pm 15 Comments

926 U Street, NW

Back in June we learned:

“…Together they aim to bring a service-driven, neighborhood retreat with cocktails that will just happen to be, of the highest quality.

The bar’s concept yields from the service industry’s well-known “service bar” where the goal is to make a large number, and variety of cocktails, quickly and well. SBDC aims to define what is to be a casual, neighborhood cocktail bar with high quality cocktails, and a price range that says “see you back here tomorrow.” Featured highlights include an all-day happy hour menu with $7 Cocktails, $7 Pop & Ponies, buy-one-get-one shots and a “snug room”, modeled after the small, private drinking rooms of the 18th century Scottish and British pub culture. The SBDC Snug Room will have an intimate capacity of five to six guests, with a special window to the bartender, and offer a shareable cocktail menu exclusive to the Snug Room…”


  • harhar


    • Ashy Oldlady

      Ha! Good catch. I was about to comment that I hoped they didn’t actually pay someone to design that logo, but now it’s obvious that they didn’t!

    • anon

      I came to post the same thing! I am so tired of that logo already.

  • DF

    Their sign is wrong; letters in the wrong order.

    • PB

      Totally agree! #logofail

      If anything, the “S” and “B” should run left to right while the “D” and “C” should run top to bottom. Or the other way around would be just as good, I guess.

    • INWDC

      Exactly! Lazy design…or as the above posted pointed out, they went the free route (and it shows)

  • Mug of Glop

    They’re just setting themselves up for sick burns and parody names when/if the service turns out to be terrible. (I hope it’s good and the service isn’t terrible.)

  • RC

    WOW I love the logo!!!

    I never thought I’d find a logo repulsive enough to never go inside of a business purely because of it, but the negligent overuse and unoriginality of this one has created this monster in me.

  • Q

    How are all the negative folks coming out so early? Are we just going ahead and hating every upcoming establishment now? This is the first bar/restaurant press release that I’ve seen in a long time that isn’t just a random mishmash of buzzwords. The prices are right, and I am excited by the fact that SOMEONE is finally putting the emphasis on good service. I’m looking forward to trying it!

    • Rich

      These PR things are easy to mock esp. when they use a tired logo design and a name that will be stale in no time. At least nothing is curated or a concept.

    • Bryan

      Not a mishmash of buzz words? “Neighborhood retreat” and “cocktails….of the highest quality” are most definitely buzz words. If I also had to take a guess as to how many of the male bartenders will have stupid facial hair I would put the guess at 2-to-1 in favor of stupid facial hair.

      • ontarioroader

        The real question is what’s their ice program like.

        • textdoc

          Actual LOL.

  • neighbor

    “The bar’s concept yields from the service industry’s well-known “service bar””
    Why do places continue to pay hack PR people for ridiculous copy like this? The description makes hate the owners and never want to go there.

  • jsauri

    I agree with the criticism on the logo. But I would like to point out (a) I’d rather pay $7 a cocktail at a place with a cheap logo, than $10 a cocktail at a place with an “awesome” logo. And (b) thank god it’s not another dancing with a cover charge place. I am actually looking forward to this new opening in the neighborhood.


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