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  • Anonymous

    Where is that call box located?

    • Mount Pleasant.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe I should’ve been more specific. Where in Mt P?

  • n=1

    PoP community: do you know who makes this inserts? There are some callboxes in my neighborhood and I’d be happy to fund some street art.

    • saf

      That project has ended. It was funded through the public art program at DCCAH, with matching funds from the neighborhood groups. It was administered by Cultural Tourism DC. The funding ran out a number of years ago. Last I heard, the public space permit to work on the boxes had been handed over to DCCAH. I do not know if they renewed it.
      The boxes belong to DDOT, but they have nothing to do with the art. They simply gave DCCAH permission to have it installed, within some specific guidelines.
      So, DCCAH is probably your best bet as a place to contact, if you want to do anything official.

  • anon

    Love Whitman’s writing, but I don’t feel like a citizen since I moved to DC and became disenfranchised by doingo so.


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