Mythology Restaurant & Lore Lounge soft opens at 5:30pm on H Street – Check out the Menu

by Prince Of Petworth September 21, 2016 at 10:20 am 11 Comments

816 H Street, NE

Thanks to H Street Great Street for tweeting word and part of Mythology‘s menu:

“@MythologyLore soft opens to public tonight @ 5:30. New restaurant fr fmr Atlas Room GM Mark Medley & fmr Woodward Table Chef Joseph Harran”

harran menu

On their facebook page Mythology also shares a sample menu from H Street Fest:

H St MEnu

Ed. Note: This is the former home to HR-57 (briefly) and Fever Lounge.

  • Joseph Andrews

    I find any menu where the chef’s name is in the largest typeface automatically suspect

    • And it’s listed twice, in case you missed it the first time. Maybe that’s why they felt the need to come up with “cutesy” names for dishes, rather than just telling us what it is.

  • Anon

    I’m willing to bet that this place is going to struggle. Does anyone know what’s up with HR57? Last I heard they were looking to move in somewhere by Howard Thea. Is that still on?

  • Quotia Zelda

    Those cutesy names for the dishes make me a little ragey.

  • bll

    we stopped in on Saturday during H street festival, and to say the interior is bizarre is putting it lightly. hanging from the ceiling are puffy cloud lamps of different sizes, that change colors; the back wall and a side wall have random mythology/lore related quotes (including one from anonymous which might as well have been signed by the owner); strange tables that have seats on only one side; and my personal favorite, a randomly placed drink ledge that runs along the wall to the open kitchen window, and directly in front of seating. I left feeling very, very confused, and when I found out that the end goal is to have a four story business, with each floor being a different theme/name, I became even more confused.

  • neighbor

    This seems like a club trying to pretend it’s a restaurant.

  • northeazy

    So, I would say that this is going to be another Da Luft type disaster, but the GM from Atlas Room is running this place. He apparently ran a tight ship (so much so that when he left the place had to become a bar–my hypothesis anyway). And the chef is from Woodward Table and Food, as in the horribly named but really good WTF downtown. So, despite the cutesy names and eclectic decor, I have some hope for this place.

    • Dh

      Exactly. this place has some credible people behind it.

  • v

    these are not H street prices

  • Anon H St

    Maybe this place will surprise us all and be good. Or, maybe the owner will realize that this place is destined to be a mythology/fantasy themed bar with steins full of ale and mead and nerdy trivia, and all my dreams will come true.

  • m

    I seriously can’t get over the interior… it looks so amateurish…. which makes me feel sad, because I suspect they put a lot of effort into this place. It’s a shame because it’s 2 mins from my house so would have liked it to look more appealing. The $ are very high.


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