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Kiddie University coming to former H Street Organic Market space

by Prince Of Petworth September 16, 2016 at 10:45 am 17 Comments


Thanks to a reader for sending. H Street Organic Market closed back in August of ’15. Kiddie University’s website says:

“Kiddie University has found a way that we can work together with parents and community to open a brand new childcare facility and help solve the critical shortage of quality childcare in Washington, DC, particularly Capitol Hill. The premise will accommodate approximately 60 infant, toddler, and pre-school children.

You now have the first access to reserve your child’s space for this Fall/Winter. Exclusive to waitlist families for a limited time, you have the opportunity to join our tuition buy down program and secure your child’s space in the program now, before spaces are announced to the community. No need to join any more 1 yr+ long waitlists! This program allows us to provide a high quality childcare center and program, without the need to charge outrageous tuition prices.”

806 H Street, NE

  • DD

    They want a *minimum* of a $750 deposit (nonrefundable, and apparently not credited toward tuition) to be put on the tentative enrollment list (with the caveat that you have to enroll your child within two weeks of the center’s TBD opening date). And your space isn’t guaranteed, some other family comes along and is willing to pay a $2500 nonrefundable, not-creditable-toward-tuition cost deposit, they get a guaranteed space and you are left on the waitlist, out $750 and still without daycare (unless you by any chance happen to have an extra $1750 laying around that you don’t mind shelling out to “upgrade” your nonrefundable deposit so that you get the space instead).

    I’ve had my kids in DC daycare for over 4 years, and so I’m well aware of the daycare shortage in this city and the insane waitlists. Even so, charging families a minimum of $750 for a nonguaranteed space in a not-yet-opened daycare seems extortionate. I’m also interested to see if they keep charging these fees once the daycare is open and full given the average cost of being added to a waitlist in this city is like $50-$150.

    • stacksp

      I do not get the not credited toward the tuition part. Its almost as if you are funding the build of the center itself and should you not be granted a space, the “deposit” should be refunded.

      This would not work for me but it appears it does for some because there are only 19 spaces remaining.

      I did find it funny that the actual site had more information regarding the enrollment process and fees than the actual day care curriculum but if you click around a bit, you will find some information about what all this money gets you in terms of care.

      • Bryan

        I don’t get the ridiculous fee in general. De Blasio already has shown that near universal child care can be had and yon don’t need to spend a grotesque amount of money on it.

        This is a racket plain and simple.

  • Hill Mom

    My child goes to the current KU location on the Hill and we absolutely adore them. The tuition is reasonable (by DC standards, anyway) and the staff is incredible. We’ve really seen our child thrive under their care and I am thrilled they are opening another site for more families to benefit.

  • anon

    That “reservation” system is just wrong. Plus they say it allows them to provide high quality childcare without “outrageous tuition charges,” but even the monthly tuition for the “preferred” plan are just over what I pay now at a large center…and I didn’t have to pay $2500 just to enroll my kid.

    I’ve seen good reviews on MOTH for the F St location , but even if I was looking for a new daycare right now, the bizarre extra charges would make me not even consider this place.

  • Oof. I would not want to put my children in a facility right on H Street. Too many cars crashing into storefront windows and rush hour police chases / shootings. Not to mention this particular spot is right by the horde of drunks and dope fiends at the bus stop across the street.

  • Sa

    H St in that area has become quite a lot better since H St Connection strip mall became a construction site. Having a kids’ center on that corner might inspire better behavior from those that loiter around the 7-11….? I am hoping they will find a new place to loiter and do their little drug deals. The (only?) good thing about the 7-11 is that police go inside and near there.

    • stacksp

      Unless the bus routes are re-routed and changed 8th and H is what it is. That intersection is a transfer point for the crosstown buses and will always be a gathering place until that is no longer the case, development or not.

      • Anon

        So is 8th and Pennsylvania Ave SE, but that area is further along development-wise so there’s less sketchy loitering. The more foot traffic there is from regular people the less crime that will be tolerated.

        • Anon

          8th and Pennsylvania SE actually has a lot of loitering too. The Starbucks there is a sh*tshow

  • kt

    That pricing and reservation system is CRAZY!!!!! I have never seen anything like this before. Thank god my childcare situation is sorted. Sadly, demand is so high that people will hand over their money for a spot just to have the guarantee. I’m sure the care will be great, but seriously, this pricing is disgraceful.

  • B

    Our child goes to KU on F st and we all absolutely love it.. the staff, the Spanish immersion program for 2+ y.o., their activities, everything! We paid the $750 enrollment fee AFTER we were admitted and not as part of a reservation system. No regrets… none!

  • DCDoubleK

    This space is next door to Old City Crossfit. I would imagine the this and clank of wall balls, wall walks, and dropped weights might not be awesome during nap time. That’s to say nothing of children getting trampled during work puts involving runs around the block. Could get interesting.

    • DCDoubleK

      Thud* not “this.”


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