• also anon

    Snallygaster was super fun (with VIP tickets). Towards the end the lines for all of the food trucks were ridiculous and they ran out of free water so we left around 5:15pm. It was hot though which was maybe a semi-welcome change from the last few years? I almost prefer the cold rain though so it makes drinking dark beer a little more palatable.

  • kd21

    H street festival was way too dang crowded.

    • Kingman Park

      They should expand it to Chinatown :)

    • wdc

      This is a frustration of mine. I feel as if I live in a great city with awesome things happening all around, all the time. But the things are invariably so crowded that I spend the whole time feeling anxious and penned in and waiting in lines, etc etc. Shades of Yogi Berra, I know.
      I have family near St. Louis. They also have a thousand fun public things to do, but they’re never very crowded.

      • Anon

        DC has non-crowded public things too. For example, the Fiesta DC festival on Pennsylvania this weekend was not crowded (I walked through around 2pm). I don’t think Art All Night or Art in the Alley will be anything like as crowded as H St Fest, either. However, the most popular events will always be crowded.

      • ***

        That’s how I feel about Embassy Open-House. It’s still one of my favorite things to do in DC – where else in the US/World would you have the opportunity to see/experience so many different cultures in one day – but over the last several years, it’s gotten overwhelmingly popular.

  • Best Snallygaster since its inception. Can’t comment on H Street festival since we didn’t make it up there, although in years past it’s kinda just more of the same, with little new to make me want to go, even though I live close enough to walk.

  • MarkQ

    First time at the H Street Festival. It was very well organized and managed; crowded but fun and festive. Food lines were long and it was hard to really pause enjoy some of the music stages given the crowd and logistics but the people watching was cool. Loved that it was embraced by all; not just another beer crawl for the bro crowd.

    • Brooklyn Brawler

      +1000 @ “bro crowd.”

    • ***

      I mean, was that crowd at Snallygaster? Sure. But it wasn’t just a bunch of NoVa, Vineyard Vines frat guys out to get drunk on cheap beer.

  • Corey

    H-Street Festival was good. Standout was Maketto’s all you can put on a plate $10 buffet.

    • V Street

      +1. Leek bao and donuts–my new favorite combination.

    • Anon

      That was such a good deal, and totally delicious. I was behind someone in the line who was going back for a second plate.

      The festival was so much fun! As a new resident in the area, I was looking forward to it but didn’t know what to expect. I was impressed with the organisation and yes, it was busy, but manageable. Going to volunteer to help next year – and sending thanks to all the people behind it, it was great.

    • thunder

      The H Street festival was good. Could use more food trucks, and less funnel cakes and smoky BBQ pits. Lots of good art and public service vendors.

  • Stopthemadness

    Best H St yet. I got there early and stayed until about 4. It was crowded, but it wasn’t unmanageable. I also like how diverse the crowd was. It reminded me of how Adams Morgan day used to be back in the day. I saw all types of folks and really liked how this festival seemed to bring us all together.

    • Hill Denizen

      Agreed. I was only there for about an hour, but itI loved how diverse the crowd was.

    • Anon

      I thought H St was great, too. It was my first one and I was impressed by the good-natured crowd (despite how packed it was, everyone was nice and polite) and the number and diversity of the musical acts. Loved the Queen Vic double-decker beer bus and the tap dancers from Joy of Motion

  • Guillermo Brown

    Snallygaster was great except one complaint: I thought the band that played the last couple hours (with the female lead singer) entirely too loud. I was sitting at tables with some friends, on the opossite end of the lot, and we could barely hear each other talk. I’m all for some live music but this, for me, was too much

  • Snugs

    This was the best H Street Festival ever. It was crowded but manageable. Almost everywhere had great specials. Chupacabra had a $5 beer and taco special…and free shots of tequila (Sauza 1oz pours).

  • Ampersand

    Went to Snallygaster for the first time. Had VIP tickets so I got in at 11:30 and managed to try 20 beers in three hours. Thankfully I live three blocks from the event, because I literally do not remember going home although apparently I texted my girlfriend from my couch at 2:45. First post-Snallygaster memory was waking up at 7:30 pm in my bed, completely naked. Relatedly, I didn’t make it to H Street Fest.

    The beers were awesome, by the way.

  • ***

    Snallygaster was awesome! Short lines, tons of variety in beer selection… great day to be outside with friends day drinking and trying a lot of new beers. Was worried it was going to be crowded but was pleasantly surprised and how manageable and organized everything was.

    H Street is just so far away from me, it is never is on my radar. I think in the 5 years I’ve lived in DC, I’ve been to H Street exactly twice. Objectively, I guess the Yards Park really isn’t any closer, but I have more reason to go there on a regular basis, so mentally it seems closer.

  • Eric Says

    Personally, I think the H Street Festival has been in decline for years. It used to be a funky, alternative, hip kind of festival with all kinds of crazy events. Now, it’s just a lot of food and drink and music and people. It isn’t bad, but its gotten so corporate. There are people selling insurance, windows or Car2Go. I miss the old festival with flaming musical instruments, groups of people street dancing, tattoo and sandwich eating contests, even the giant golden statue they would push up an down the streetcar tracks.

    • Anon

      I can’t speak to what it’s become because I haven’t gone the past several years, but does the Baltimore Rock Opera Society still have a stage at the festival? One of my fondest memories is watching my kids and their friends up on stage in an air guitar battle against the Society members to (I think) Judas Priest.

    • TX2DC

      +1. It’s a victim of its own success. It used to be very cool but has been very “meh” for 2-3 years now, IMHO.

    • 9th Street Neighbor

      … your complaint is why we now have the U Street, Funk Parade: http://www.funkparade.com/#intro .

  • DC_Chica

    H St Festival was too crowded for my taste, although to be fair if my friends and I could have found a good place to sit towards the end and have a drink then I might felt differently (after walking the entire way from 4th to 14th St, we gave up and went home). The Fiesta DC parade had smaller crowds than I expected, although it did make being a spectator that much more comfortable. I guess Fiesta DC is not part of the Popville target demographic, but I would have loved to see it get a little more attention (the Post Weekend section didn’t mention it either, maybe they did a bad job at publicity this year?)

    • ***

      I think it was pointed out by some others that Fiesta DC did a terrible job at promotion. I don’t think it was on anyone’s radar. Spring and Fall in DC, specifically April/May and September/October are just jam-packed with weekend activities. If you want your event to be successful, you really have to advertise big or you’re going to get lost in the crowd.

  • CatieCat

    Didn’t make it to either, but stopped going to H street festival about 2 years ago because just too crowded! I did, however, go to the Osteria Morini Pig Roast yesterday and that was FANTASTIC! Def an older crowd, but it was so nice and chill and peaceful, with families and dogs running around. BEST part was there was not a line for 1 thing. Drinks, dessert, food, water, just walk up and voila! Not sure if they undersold, or just kept the event at a reasonable amount of people, but it spoiled me for every other future event I go to in DC. Plus, it was all benefitting charity! Yay!

  • Commentator

    Snallygaster was great, as usual. I think they continue to improve the selection, there were even more food trucks, and there were still beers flowing even down to the last minute. I do agree that H gets packed but last year we were still able to navigate the madness and enjoy ourselves there. This year we saw comments through the day on Facebook that it was again a madhouse and just didn’t have the energy to check it out after many hours drinking in the heat at Snally, but I’m sure it was a good time as well.

  • Chris

    Just looking at the photo makes me anxious….can’t stand crowds like that. Hence I have never gone to the Mall for any major event, inauguration, fireworks, etc.


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