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Due to coming Heat, Spray Parks will Stay Open an Extra Week

by Prince Of Petworth September 6, 2016 at 4:15 pm 7 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Victoria Pickering

From DPR:

“Due to the expected high temperatures for the remainder of the week, the DC Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) will keep the District Spray Parks open for an additional week. Spray Parks were scheduled to close on Monday, September 5 at 7 pm. The following spray parks will extend hours of operation until Sunday, September 11 at 7 pm.

Ward 1:
– 14th & Girard Street Spray Park (14th & Girard St., NW)
– 14th & Park Road Spray Park (14th St. & Park Rd., NW)
– Columbia Heights CC Spray Park (1480 Girard St., NW)
– Harrison RC Spray Park (1330 V St., NW)
– Westminster Spray Park (911 Westminster St., NW)

Ward 2:
– Stead RC Spray Park (1625 P St., NW)

Ward 3:
– Chevy Chase RC Spray Park (5500 41st St., NW)
– Friendship RC Spray Park (4500 Van Ness St., NW)
– Macomb RC Spray Park (3409 Macomb St., NW)
– Palisades CC Spray Park (5200 Sherier Pl., NW)
– Guy Mason RC Spray Park (3600 Calvert St., NW)

Ward 4:
– Fort Stevens RC Spray Park (1327 Van Buren St., NW)
– Lafayette RC Spray Park (5900 33rd St., NW)
– Petworth RC Spray Park (801 Taylor St., NW)
– Riggs LaSalle RC Spray Park (501 Riggs Rd., NE)
– Takoma CC Spray Park (300 Van Buren St., NW)

Ward 5:
– Joseph H. Cole RC Spray Park (1299 Neal St., NE)
– Turkey Thicket RC Spray Park (1100 Michigan Ave., NW)

Ward 6:
– Kennedy RC Spray Park (1401 7th St., NW)
– King Greenleaf RC Spray Park (201 N St., SW)

Ward 7:
– Fort Davis CC Spray Park (1400 41st St., SE)
– Hillcrest RC Spray Park (3100 Denver St., NW)
– Marvin Gaye RC Spray Parks (6201 Banks St., NE)

Ward 8:
– Fort Greble RC Spray Park (ML King Jr. Ave. & Elmira St., SW)

Please note that all outdoor pools will continue to observe their regularly scheduled closure day and time.”

  • TacoPants

    I’ve only lived here for 6 years but for each of those it’s been hot for months past Labor Day. Any reason why pools and things like this still close right at Labor Day? Weather seems to justify them being open far longer… This closing date seems to be the common for DC public pools and most private pools at condo complexes too.

    • answer


    • K

      A lot of the summer staff at DCPR pools and parks are college kids and school teachers/ aids. Couple that with budgeting issues and you have pools closing on Labor Day.

  • The reason the pools close is that much of their lifeguard staff is school age – high school and college – and they return to classes around Labor Day. So DCDPR has to make do with the year-round staff they have for all of their pools (indoor and outdoor) without the seasonal crew.

    Frankly, I think they need to hire a few more full-timers for the post-Labor Day season, as it is now common to have heat waves well into September. Sure, they keep the East Potomac Park (Hains Point) pool open until October (it’s heated!), but said pool is the domain of lap swimmers, with little accommodation for those of us who simply want to bob about, or for kids who want to play in the shallow end.

    Frankly, it’s simply bad budgeting by DCDPR that leads to this situation every year. Perhaps someday they’ll open their eyes to climate reality and staff accordingly. While the weather is still hot, and outdoor pool is more attractive than an indoor one any and every time.

    • saf

      Half of that pool isn’t laned!

  • I understand the pools because of staffing. But no one staffs the spray parks! Why not leave these open until mid-late September?

  • Andrew

    Should I be concerned that this e-mail (from DCPR) includes a spray park that has been closed for a complete reconstruction since November 2015 with a slated completion date of Spring 2016 is included on this list as being open an extra week? Or the fact that said park (Turtle / Friendship park) is still in the site survey phase without ANY ground being broken and we’re approaching fall 2016? Or the fact that DCPR should know which spray parks they themselves have closed? Bring back the Turtle!


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