Chix Navy Yard Now Open!

by Prince Of Petworth September 19, 2016 at 11:10 am 11 Comments

chix frong
1210 Half Street, SE right next to metro

From an email:

“A few other specific features of this location:
– We are open 7 days a week

– We will be offering delivery to the Navy Yard, SW Waterfront and Capitol Hill areas

– There will be outdoor seating

– We will be serving beer and wine

– In line with our “people, planet, profit” mantra, our interior dining room wall is made of reclaimed/repurposed wood, specifically we used the wood from all of the crates that transported our equipment. We also built all of our dining tables out of old doors.”

chix navy yard pic interior
Courtesy Chix

Check out the full menu here: Chix3 (Navy Yard) Menu (PDF)

chix metro
looking toward Nats Park

  • ” Please be mindful of our neighbors
    when you leave our establishment,
    especially after 10 pm”
    LOL wow, how bad does your clientele behave (or you expect them to behave) if you have to print that on your actual menus?

    • JohnH

      Guessing it has more to do with their U Street location (Doubt they update the entire menu based on location). Don’t really think of Chix as having the rowdy crowd though (and I’m not hitting that up late night).

  • Hi Justinbc, we were required to write that on our menu by our ANC. Hope you enjoy some of our food!

    • Dave


    • palisades


    • kanon

      That’s weird. Did bw3s also have to include that on their menu (which seems like it would attract a rowdier bunch)? And what about that very large neighbor about a block to your south, too?

      • well

        It’s a pretty standard thing in a lot of agreements between ANCs and establishments with liquor licenses for owners to notify patrons that DC laws restrict noise between 10pm and 7am.

        The agreement doesn’t specify that it has to be placed on the menu–there could be a sign outside where people might stand and smoke, a member of the waitstaff who goes out and reminds people if they are getting really loud, or something else.

        Nats Park doesn’t have an ABRA license–it’s governed by the sports & convention authority. So it didn’t negotiate a community agreement with the ANC.

    • lmao

      Wowwwww – “required” This is a prime example of why I don’t like ANCs.

  • carol

    I am so excited to check out the new location near my work. I love Chix on 11th street!

  • victoria

    Marketing by Portlandia ?

  • SWChick

    Super pumped for this; and delivery!!!


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