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  • Anonymous

    Actually this where trash from stormwater gets trapped so it doesn’t go out into the river.

    • That’s good. Still an ugly sight. But better there than river.

      • Brett M

        It’s not only in the trash trap. It’s everywhere, including in the river. I have photos.

        • navyard

          I have photos too. But it is like Anonymous says. I walk there pretty regularly. The trash gets trapped there and also, unfortunately, directly below the slinky bridge in Yards Park.

          It would be nice if they cleaned it out daily, but they don’t. It would also be nice if people stopped buying plastic one-time-use bottles to put their tap water in.

      • KGA

        I was ASTONISHED at the tremendous amounts of trash that hadn’t been cleared. How can this not be a priority for the treatment facility down there!?

  • L.

    Wow, look at all those plastic bottles! Reminds of discussion a few days ago, someone wrote they only drink bottled water because they think tap water is too polluted to drink. Perhaps all the non-biodegradable plastic in the water might has something to do with that problem?

  • NH Ave Hiker

    Maybe if DC actually put a priority on updating its completely obsolete sewer system – where overflow is sent out into the city’s creeks and rivers – all that garbage wouldn’t end up there.


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