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About that Police Presence at 4th and K St, NW this Morning

by Prince Of Petworth September 8, 2016 at 1:14 pm 19 Comments

via google maps

From MPD:

“Robbery Force and Violence (CLOSED CASE) 400 K ST NW. Our complainant reported to First Police District Units that this morning at approximately 10:00 AM while walking in the 400 block of K ST NW she was passed by two individuals. As they passed the two turned abruptly and attacked her from the rear, punching her to the face and taking her bag. The complainant received facial injuries as a result and was transported to a local area hospital for treatment. Both suspects fled the scene on foot and witnesses flagged down a passing 3D Cruiser who immediately voiced a lookout for the two suspects running, both with backpacks. 1D Units quickly converged on the area and a full canvass was being performed when the two suspects were spotted that matched the description and both were stopped at the corner of 5th and Massachusetts Ave. NW. 1D Detectives responded and coordinated investigative efforts and as a result both suspects were positively identified as those that Robbed and assaulted our victim. The suspects were identified as juvenile males who did not live in our 1D Community.

Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department’s First Police District are investigating this Robbery and others like this one and should you have witnessed this Robbery and Assault or have knowledge of it, we urge you to contact the departments Command Information Center immediately on 202-727-9099 and reference CCN# 16-151-827.

Persons with information may also anonymously text via cell phone to 50411.”

  • anon

    So, let’s unpack this. If they are “juveniles” with backpacks then that means they were supposed to be in school. Which means that in Washington DC a couple of clowns like this feel perfectly secure in skipping school, strolling through town without getting caught, and commit a robbery and assault in a populated area at 10 am on a weekday. And I would venture to guess their confidence is justified, because even though they were arrested it will – by all accounts – lead to nothing, and they will be skipping school and back on K Street in no time, punching women and stealing their bags.

  • 1D and 3D

    The 3rd district is only a few blocks away, so saying they “don’t live in the 1D community” doesn’t really give a lot of comfort to folks.

    • ShawNeighbor

      As is the 5th District and my wager is they attend high school just blocks away on NJ Ave NW “not a part of the 1 D Community” – what a load of horseshit.

  • Cam

    As a neighbor this is of particular concern to me, but the brazen violence by young people is a concern to me anywhere it takes place. I’m sorry they’re juveniles, but I want them to face serious punishment despite their age, or indeed because of it. They have a perhaps a better chance to learn and be rehabilitated now than later?

    • Swdc

      you actually think they’ll do jail time for this. They will be out by end of day, and probation at the best.

      • ShawNeighbor

        Probation …hahahaha that is f-ing rich! The church ladies will be out in force when they are brought to trial to tell the judge that “they are good kids”…the judge will quickly confer with the US Attorney and they will fold up the tent and let em back out with a “stern warning not to do it ever again”…like Chief Lanier said FUNDAMENTALLY BROKEN

  • Mr. Eagan

    A decade ago, a guy I knew was attacked by three petite teens near here. He’d just left our boxing gym. Shortly after getting blindsided with a punch, he saw three semi-conscious kids on the ground. He felt bad about his pugilistic response, by the way.

    • Abbey Road

      Love this.

  • sigh

    Per DCcourts.gov, the guy shooting up the bus in Petworth yesterday had a lengthy criminal history and was currently out on “supervised release” when he acquired the handgun and shot up the bus. Our criminal justice system is a disaster. Meanwhile Arlington, which has a similar population and a lot of diversity, has gone whole years with zero murders. WTF.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Not so sure about that. A search by first and last name returned at least four distinct people with the same first and last name but different middle names, as well as at least two with different names similar enough to come up nonetheless (e.g., search for “Jeffers” and people named “Jefferson” come back in the search results). Of those with the same first and last name, two were clearly not this person unless he was charged with a misdemeanor when he was literally an infant and was a party to a landlord-tenant lawsuit at age 8. Of the remaining two people with the same first and last name but different middle names, presumably at most one of them, and possibly neither of them, was this person.

    • Anon

      “Meanwhile Arlington, which has a similar population” – that’s not remotely true. If you simply mean to say that there are lower-income black people in Arlington, then sure, that’s true. But Arlington doesn’t have generations of people living in deeply entrenched, largely unmitigated abject poverty. DC, on the other hand, does. It’s not even close.

      • sigh

        Arlington has 12% of its population living under the poverty line, DC has 18%. So yeah, DC’s got 50% more people living below the poverty line. However, that doesn’t change the point, which is that Arlington has gone full calendar years with ZERO murders. That’s 0. Goose egg. DC, with 50% more people living in poverty, has hundreds. Why is that? Hint: in Northern Virginia, they actually enforce laws – see also the post about the woman arrested for breaking the noise ordinance. My point is that you get the level of criminality you accept.

        • BK2H

          I like you!

        • Anon

          I’m not disagreeing with you about DC’s lax enforcement and its dire outcomes. That said, I specifically mentioned generational abject poverty. Federal poverty line measures won’t give you that information. I still don’t think it’s all that fair to compare the two jurisdictions to draw that strong conclusion.

          • sigh

            What’s the cause of that generational poverty and the crime that results? It can’t be Virginia’s lenient criminal justice system, extensive network of social services, generous welfare benefits, strict gun laws, excellent schools in poor areas, extensive minority representation in local government, high tax rates on the rich, etc, because Virginia doesn’t have these things. Odd, isn’t it?
            Another way I find useful to look at this is – crime in Arlington vs. DC isn’t a matter of degree – it’s wholly different. Again, we’re talking essentially zero murders, none at all, vs hundreds. But the poverty is actually a difference of degree, and as I noted above, a fairly small degree.
            My point is that more gun control, smiling at neighbors, recreation centers, school funding, etc aren’t going to solve this. There’s a major cultural issue here, coupled with an electorate that doesn’t weight crime very heavily.
            By the way, I bought my house in shaw 15 years ago as an absolute bleeding-heart liberal and have had my naive liberalism hammered out of me (twice by gangs of kids jumping me).

          • sigh

            I’ll give you a hint: Arlington doesn’t have any government-run public housing projects. Interesting, huh?

          • Anon

            “What’s the cause of that generational poverty and the crime that results?”
            Well, this one’s easy: slavery, followed by decades of systemic, institutional racism/etc that prevented a certain group of people from receiving similar access to resources that was made available to others. But you already knew that.
            Again, the difference in generational abject poverty in DC and Arlington is not small. You pointed to a 50% difference using a higher Federal measure that does not account for the generational aspect. As a former “bleeding-heart liberal”, you should be well-aware of the compounding factors of not only generational poverty, but also concentrated poverty.
            I’m honestly not quite sure what point you’re trying to make here. It’s well-documented that DC tried to support the abject poor by half-assed, ill-conceived housing programs, while Virginia was not nearly as supportive for the poor, and actively hostile to blacks. Are you just venting your frustration of living in Shaw for the past 15 years? You do realize that you can sell now and make a killing on your earlier investment and move out to greener pastures, right? It seems like you’d be far happier.

          • Sigh

            Um, Virginia was a slave state. So that’s not the cause of the difference.

    • oh2dc

      What do you mean by similar populations? I assume you don’t mean total numbers (DC – 672,228 vs Arlington County – 229,164), race (white – 44.1% vs 76.2%), median income ($69,235 vs $105,120), poverty rate (17.7% vs 8.5%), education (Bachelor’s degree or higher 53.4% vs 72.0%), or density (11,000/sq mi vs 8,814/sq mi). I am not suggesting any one of these differences accounts for a difference in murder rate, but I am just challenging the premise that they are similar populations. I don’t readily see the similarities.


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