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  • penguins9966

    Sherry’s Wine and SpiritsIn Woodley Park has a very legit selection of cans and bottles, although I would love to hear about legit growler fill spots as Sherry’s leaves much to be desired

  • D’Vines in Columbia Heights has really been stepping their craft beer game up. Adding the growler filling station in the back was a great touch.

  • Dave

    It’s pricey, but D’Vines at 14th and Irving has a really, really good selection and rotates frequently.

  • FJ

    Best prices and selection I’ve found are at Magruder’s up on Connecticut Ave.

  • vannessie

    From North Cleveland Park, the best places I’ve found are Rodman’s, Calvert-Woodley (which recently got a new beer buyer and totally upped their game), and Van Ness Wines and Liquors if you want to support a small but pretty good local spot.

  • HaileUnlikely

    I can’t say how it compares to most of the others listed here, but for those east of the park in upper NW, Morris Miller (at awkward intersection of Georgia, Alaska, Kalmia, and Eastern) is solid.

  • P. Lecheval

    Chevy Chase Wine is great, especially if you’re looking for imports. Batch 13 has an interesting selection, but you have to watch out for old stock, it’s crazy expensive, and the staff are often super d-bags. Sherry’s is great but a little pricey. Same with Cleveland Park Wines. If you want a really huge selection along with better prices and don’t mind making a trek, Total Wine out in McLean is great. Fortunately they’re supposed to open a location in Ballston sometime this year.

  • Sok

    On my list in addition to ones already named: U Street Wine & Beer Cleveland Park Fine Wines & Spirits, and Lions Liquor in Petworth. Lions does have a growler station but not sure if it’s stocked.

  • anon

    I miss Binny’s in Chicago.

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    • FacePalm

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  • For hard to find stuff, it’s Connecticut Avenue Wine and Spirits. Other great shops not already mentioned here: Cairo Wine and Liquor, Whole Foods P St, Batch 13, and Schneider’s all have respectable supplies. The best though, if you have a car or ride, is to just save up and splurge at Norm’s out in Vienna.

    • anon

      How does norms compare with Corridor in MD?

    • Dave

      Norms is the best. I haven’t found a place in the District that compares.

  • Mike

    Lion’s at 3614 Georgia Ave is pretty good. Very nice variety.

  • James

    Probably an unpopular opinion but Whole Foods on P Street has a great selection. Probably the best in the Logan Circle area.

    • Rich

      The Whole Foods on P Street has cut back on their selection, although they also cut some of the prices. The 8th & O Giant and the 5th & L Safeway often have better selections, esp. in terms of what you can get in a six-pack.

      • 16th Street Drinker

        I actually think they UPPED their selection. They just took all of the large format bottles out of the fridge and moved them to the shelves on the other side of the aisle. Which is better for the beer anyway as you don’t want to be constantly changing the temps when you’re looking to cellar or save the beer for later. The fridge is now mostly dedicated to 6-packs.

        After the closing of De Vinos (hey Adrian), this place and Conn Ave Liquors are my go to for the harder to find breweries and releases. You can’t beat their prices for Cascade either.

  • Dogg

    Sherry’s is overpriced and they have realllllly old stuff in there sometimes (at least they used to, may have changed)

    Rodman’s is probably my favorite, but everything mentioned so far is solid

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Whole Foods at Tenley Town has its own little beer store with lots of craft beers and beer on tap.

  • Anonymous

    The freshness and quality of the bottles and cans leaves a little to be desired, but World Wine and Spirits at 15th/Penn SE is the best damn growler fill spot in the city. Only six taps but the kicker is reasonable prices and a great selection.

    • siz

      love world wine. there’s also the beer shop next to trusty’s that has some interesting stuff occasionally.

  • TJ

    Glen’s Garden Market and D’Vines and the large format joint on U St.

    • 7thStTechGuy

      Erza does an awesome job getting stuff from the Watershed- Glens is awesome.

  • 7thStTechGuy

    Batch 13- good prices, good service.

  • tom

    Not a big beer drinker, but have been led to believe Streets Market (just north of Florida off 14th NW) has good a can selection?

    • FridayGirl

      They do have a good can selection! (At least one of the better ones that I’ve seen. Although I’ve noticed more craft cans generally at Target and the grocery stores, as well. Hell, I even bought 21st Amendment at a 7-11 last summer.)

  • Cleveland Park runner

    Anyone know where to find Sierra Nevada’s gose beer Otra Vez? I had it for the first time at Brew at the Zoo and loved it and now want to drink more.

    • Stavros

      I think I’ve seen it at the Yes on Ga. Ave. Which, in general, has a pretty good beer selection.

    • I’ve seen it in Harris Teeter. I even mentioned it in my piece this week for City Paper!

      • FridayGirl

        Harris Teeter has a surprisingly good beer selection, imo. The first time I went to the one in Adams Morgan I was really surprised.

      • Cleveland Park runner

        Just read your piece–wunderbar!

    • asdf

      That is a tasty beer. The first time I had it I picked up a 6-pack at the sketchy liquor store on 15th and Mass in SE.

      • Cleveland Park runner

        Thanks all! Looks like I’m headed to Harris Teeter after work to see if I can find it, and I have some other good leads, too.

    • goaldigger

      Try using beermenus.com (you plug in what you want to find and it directs to beer shops and bars). https://www.beermenus.com/

  • jaybird

    I’ll throw Rodman’s on Wisconsin Ave. into the pot. Friendship Heights. They also have a good selection of wine and international food stuffs.

  • anonymous

    Lion’s in Park View

  • Pleasanter

    Harris Teeter! Cheapest beer prices and most consistent variety I’ve seen in the district, and their $9.99 you pick six pack is a steal.

    • Kate

      Agreed, the HT in Navy Yard has a shockingly good selection of beer for a ‘regular’ grocery store. Love the mix and match to try new beers.

  • Gloomingdale

    Schneider’s of Capitol Hill, Whole Foods on P, and Harris Teeter for staple beers. Schneider’s is the most enjoyable experience with knowledgeable staff and stuff I haven’t seen elsewhere in DC.

  • [rrrrr]

    For the Virginian’s (or those of us who are dragged out that way for work), Crystal City Wine Shop has a nice selection of craft stuff. They do tastings on Thursday’s and the staff have always been helpful.
    Second and third everyone who mentioned D’vines.

  • doug720

    I was impressed by the selection at Yes! Organic Market on Georgia Avenue in Petworth. Definitely a step above the selections available at Harris Teeter and Giant near me in NE.

    Also was able to stop by Craft Beer Cellar on H during their soft opening on Thursday. It’s a small space but has an impressive selection – including international (belgians..). From what I could tell, their “local” craft beer prices (Atlas, DC Brau) are a higher than the Giant across the street from it, however.

    That said – worth checking out if you’re looking for something you don’t normally see in the District. If you’re looking for Bell’s 2 Hearted, Dogfish, Atlas, etc., you’re better off just going to a grocery store.

  • Amanda Waldron

    1) You’d be surprised by the YES! Market in Eastern Market. Very solid and constantly rotating selection, including lots of rare and foreign–especially Belgian–beers (plus growler fills!)

    2) We can all agree it’s overpriced, but the West Dupont Circle Wines and Liquors is the only place in DC where you can get Pliny the Elder and some other really rare beers (albeit, yes, for a hefty premium).

  • LilMonk81584

    It was hands down DaVino’s prior to closing. Now, the belt goes to Virginia Market across the street (trust me), or D’Vines. Calvert Woodley is the best for booze – amazing selection and because they are the largest in the city, the price is a good 20% off the crooks in Dupont.

    Total Wine has an amazing selection of esoteric international beers, but does not have DC representation.

  • Shawn A

    For the people who live in Chinatown/Metro Center/MVT I think Eye Street Cellars (on I and 4 1/2 St) has the best selection, and also the best prices I’ve seen in the city. It’s the only spot that carries my fav Butternuts Porkslap IPA. So they get the nod in my book.


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