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Wahlburgers posts Liquor License in Dupont; Ping Pong Dim Sum Still Open in Chinatown

by Prince Of Petworth August 29, 2016 at 10:22 pm 21 Comments

1 Dupont Circle, NW

That’s alotta burgers – the placard for Wahlburgers coming to the former Ping Pong Dim space says:

“New “C” Restaurant with 183 seats and a Total Occupancy Load of 424. Applicant has also requested a Sidewalk Café with 74 seats.”


Also about Ping Pong Dim Sum, reports of their closure in Chinatown are false – door were open on Saturday:


You can see their menu here.

900 7th Street, NW

  • James T.
    • Kevin

      Meh, I’ll gladly take your spot James because the burgers are actually pretty good. Of all the people to call a racist, Marky Mark isn’t one of them. Wait why am I even responding to your stupid comment….oh well.

      • Moon

        I am sure the people he terrorized will have a different point of view.

      • skj84

        I believe the man he blinded may beg to differ. Granted that was over 20 years ago and Mark Wahlberg may have seen the error of his ways. But theres no denying what he did.

        • Kevin

          I can’t speak for the victims and neither can you but as a black man in America and seeing what he has done since I still believe that he is not a racist.

          I’ll gladly discuss my viewpoints further in person if you’d like, come over to Ward 8 anytime.

          • BlueStreak

            Someone who does the things he did and says the things he said doesn’t usually change their views. They hide them. I mean he spent 45 days in jail for terrorizing kids and blinding a guy.
            If you think people can’t speak for the victims (one of which is actually on record saying Wahlberg shouldn’t get a pardon), how in the world can you attest that he’s not a racist?
            All of the things he’s done since them are because he’s a smart businessman. But he was a genuinely awful human being. It’s really hard to change that. And for those that do 6 weeks in lock up and a successful rap career aren’t usually enough to do it.

            So despite what he did he’s wildly successful. And that’s great. But I don’t have to give him my money. I am sure many will disagree.

          • Bort

            The dude he blinded wishes he could see what Marky Mark “has done since” then!

          • skj84

            Dude I’m a black woman in America and I know full well that if you or I pulled this shit Marky Mark did there would be no talk of rehabilitation. We’d both be rotting in jail to this day. Signed resident of Ward 6 who lives in the real world.

      • BlueStreak

        I hope the people quick to forgive Marky Mark aren’t the same folks who constantly berate the DC government for going soft on teen offenders and basically take the “lock them up and throw away the key” approach to youth offenders.

        • Kevin

          @bluestreak You are missing my point unless you think that people can never change their behavior or views. Without going into the culture of Boston I do believe Mark has changed and that everything he has done hasn’t been “for business”

          I also didn’t “quickly forgive” Mark but after close to 30 years without incident, I do now. The same would apply to teen offenders in the district who change their behavior and contribute to society without crime for throughout their adult life.

          @Bort To be specific on that injury other reports stated that Hoa Trinh was never blinded by the attack because he was already blind in one eye. Additionally that he actually forgave the actor. And before you comment I’m not condoning the horrible act of violence that took place AT ALL.

          I respect the differing opinions on here, I just don’t think that Mark or my patronage out of the many racists I’ve encountered in DC deserves my hatred or outrage.

          Y’all be easy.

    • anonymous

      30 years ago? Shitty disgusting behavior that deserved strong punishment (and my heart goes out to the victims who had to deal with this thug) but it appears the last 20 years have been dedicated to attempting to make up for it.

      • Bort

        How do you figure? He didn’t even stop 9/11.

  • BlueStreak

    I am not one to typically visit or not visit places based on management/ownership, but this is the one establishment that will never get a dime of my money.

  • Anony

    So are the burgers any good?

  • wdc

    I know very little about Mark Wahlberg. I knew he had a rough/ criminal past, but not the details. But I read something a couple of years ago. He got his GED in his 40s, because he didn’t want to be a hypocrite when he told his kids to take their education seriously.
    To me, that is a solid indication of rehabilitation. He grew up rough, hurt people, did time, etc. And then he became a productive member of society and made sacrifices in order to be a good parent. What more can society ask? If there’s no coming back from a bad start, why do we even have jails? Gallows in every town square would be MUCH more efficient.

    • BlueStreak

      He has come back from a bad start and has been wildly successful. That is significant and he’s done what society has asked. And he’s been handsomely rewarded.
      I’m not saying that he shouldn’t have a restaurant (except in places where felons can’t have liquor licences) or that anyone shouldn’t go. I’m saying that I am not going and that he’s demonstrated himself to be not the nicest guy. And nobody really has to care. That’s the beauty of these things. A venue for people to give their opinions.

    • SW 20011

      “He got his GED in his 40s, because he didn’t want to be a hypocrite when he told his kids to take their education seriously.”

      “Yeah kids! Listen to me about education: I have a GED!”

      • Mike

        Someone that got their GED as an adult with likely full time family and work responsibilities impresses me a heck of a lot more than someone that graduated the first time around when they had next to no real responsibilities and during most of which they were legally required to attend school. Good on him!

        • Bort

          Marky Mark has overcome so much.

        • BlueStreak

          You really think Mark Wahlberg had difficulty or hardship getting his GED when has was past 40? Come on.

  • Kent

    I really thought these comments were going to be about how absurdly large that seems for a burger joint…


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