• Nick

    Please be chick fil a

    • FridayGirl


  • J

    The one in Georgetown has also closed. I wonder if Subway is having issues?

  • u streeter

    Whatever it is, I hope it will help discourage the people that hang out there ALL DAY, EVERY DAY…

    • TandroyFoty

      Not if the 7/11 didn’t go with it.

      • Truxton Thomas

        Yeah, that’s the 7/11 crowd. They’ve always seemed polite to me, though.

  • Idontgetit

    I just tried to go there and was very annoyed that it was closed.


    • D-C-0-9

      + 1 +1 +1 +1 and +1, @justinbc!

  • ST21

    Would love a Divebar there but no chance. A Subway literally on the corner of 14th and U just felt wrong…

    • Truxton Thomas

      Wrong Subway, I think. This is the one almost literally on the corner of 12th and U.

      PoP, I think the address listed is incorrect. It’s north side of 1100 block, should be an odd number.

      • ST21

        Ah you are correct… The less subways the better. Hopefully 14th and U is next..

        • Truxton Thomas

          Yeah, I don’t eat there, and I definitely don’t think we need two within two blocks of each other. And I agree about 14th and U, though it somehow manages to retain crappy fast-food joints.

  • Mt. P

    Time to project some victorious poop emojis…

  • The subway was the go-to hangout for the local vagrants who would sit inside grab a drink when they were hot and wait for folks to come out and ask for change and do some heroin exchange. Granted the cops are there at night on the corner but not so during the day. Apparently it provided a well used bathroom for ‘customers’ but I went once and was approached at the counter by two folks who asked me to buy them food. It is challenging to be at the food counter and paying when someone asks for a simple sandwich, but it did not engender a desire to return…. The staff was non-existent and pretty much gave up trying to shoo them away. Was a losing venture for a long while. Not sad to see it go frankly although I wonder now what sort of bathroom issues will now be deposited on surrounding alleys. Ideally we don’t look like San Francisco and it’s lovely vagrant bathroom issues.

  • ustreetneighbor

    Hopefully the McDonalds is next..

  • v

    who cares! no more subway bread baking smell #gross

  • Whop

    Interesting point. However, Subway’s product just isn’t evolving with the times.

  • Aaron

    SweetGreen or Chopt

  • GrapeVine

    WiseGuy’s Pizza


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