Johnny’s Half Shell Sign Replaces Iconic Cashion’s in Adams Morgan

by Prince Of Petworth August 11, 2016 at 11:15 am 12 Comments

cahsion half shell

We knew it was coming but this feels so weird. Cashion’s Eat Place opened in 1995 and closed in May. Johnny’s Half Shell is moving from 400 North Capitol Street, NW near Union Station.

At least the sign will continue to be a cool neon sign.

Anyway, updates when we learn the opening date.

cashion shell sign
1819 Columbia Road, NW


cashions menu


  • pcat

    I sure hope that the food is better than the Capitol Hill location. The last time I ate there, it was embarrassingly bad. Even the service was horrid.

    • admorez

      Yes, the food was astonishingly bad when I went with my family. The chef preparing our food looked super young, a tweener, which should’ve clued us in. Remember getting softshell crab, getting one softshell crab that just had a spritz of lemon juice on it, that’s it. Then we got 5 tiny ass scallops, with some black pepper on it. It was the most underwhelming dishes I have ever eaten at a Seafood place and they charged up the ass. Never eating here again.

  • Ward One Resident

    I’m out of town and I’m glad that I wasn’t there to see this happen. Sob….

  • Tsar of Truxton

    Haven’t been to Johnny’s since it was in Dupont back in the day, but I like the retro sign they used.

  • Adams M

    I’m still confused by this move. I’ve been to Johnny Halfshell on North Capitol a handful of times for fundraisers and other Hill-focused events, which I assumed was how they actually made money. As others have pointed out, the food and service was sub-par, but the proximity to the Hill was unbeatable. Are they expecting people to travel to Adams Morgan for these types of events now? Just seems odd.

    • wobber


    • From the coverage after the mention on John Oliver’s show:
      “The piece was good, I thought — It captured how insane it is to have no option but to raise such large amounts of money in order to get re-elected, and the senators pretty much echoed the same,” Fulchino said. He did note that the $1,000 donations go to the candidate, not the restaurant, which only charges $35 per head for fundraisers. Most fundraisers at Johnny’s take place over six months of the year, and represent only a third of the restaurant’s sales annually. Plus, he had to note — Cashion’s food is “so good”, even if Oliver was implicating otherwise.

  • Anonymous

    Basically, Johnny is coming back to his old home. Johnny, along with Ann, were the original driving forces behind Cashion’s. This is less of a replacement and more of a homecoming.

    • Anonymous

      Yup. That is the skinny (from a reliable source).

      • What source do you need for that? It’s basically common knowledge with no insider information provided.

    • P. Lecheval

      I hope it’s good, like Cashion’s was back in the early 2000’s.

  • CatieCat

    Was having drinks last week on the patio of Pops Sea bar and one of the construction guys was electric sawing some wood and not only was the noise so annoying, but wood pieces were flying into our drinks and all over us. I dont think he realized what he was doing but it was very odd. We asked him to stop and he went inside. Not really that relevant of a story but thought Ide share lol.


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