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  • WentThere

    Very cool! I hope Ziegfeld’s steps up their landscaping too!

    • Ashy Oldlady

      Mr. Ziegfeld has sold the space to a developer, but they don’t anticipate closing for a few more years.

    • PoPOverWork

      Hahahaha. This is the best comment.

    • andy2

      They keep their bushes trimmed!

  • Thought

    Very clear this went through some value engineering and shed some of the unique design elements of the original proposal (i.e. gone is the unique roof line).
    I wouldn’t call it a bait and switch, but they sold us on a Cadillac and are now trying to deliver a Chevy.

    • Ashy Oldlady

      Though I suppose we should be thankful that they’ll have a new home in DC at all, and they’re not becoming Loudoun County United.

  • jcm

    Wow, that’s a serious downgrade. I wonder what the latest cost estimates look like?

  • danger dave

    wow, quite a disappointment. Looks like the most “economical” choices were made.

  • SWDC

    Ug, why didn’t they just put this in MD where all the fans are? Horrible location, horrible design.

    • the real SWDC

      I hope you are kidding. The location couldn’t be better and it will spur development in the area. Thousands of fans and you want them in MD? Waaaaaaa?

      • James W.

        Books have been written on the myth of stadiums somehow inherently spurring development disproportionate to the cost of building. Take the same investment and use it on something that benefits the broader community and you’ll get a much bigger return on the dollar. But then of course we wouldn’t have all those lucrative hot dog vendor jobs!

    • reality


  • ST21

    Damn, tough crowd in here. This is the 3rd set of renderings we have seen now and it’s actually a pretty decent step up from the 2nd set. If you recall a few months ago when the design was released it was met with a ton of backlash which is why they went to a new set of drawings. This set isn’t perfect but overall it’s pretty solid. Anyone who says this is a horrible location will be changing their tune by the time this opens- Buzzard Point is about to get a massive makeover. While I loved the initial design that was released it’s pretty clear now that it wasn’t economically feasible. The 2nd set straight up looked like a prison so this new design is somewhat of a compromise between the 2. I’d imagine there will be a few more small changes before it’s settled. I’ll give it a B for now.

  • Brian

    DC= worst sports fans. Real soccer fans will enjoy a new stadium; fake ones will complain it’s not Real Madrid or Man United or will wait until they are in the championship game. Of course if their boss likes DC United, they will be right by his or her side pretending the stadium is so amazing and authentic.

    • SaraEP

      Honestly anything is better than derelict RFK haha I go to games frequently and I’m always afraid something will break and hurt people.

      • SaraEP

        Oops, not sure why that pasted there… my bad, Colin. This was a general comment, not a response.

  • Colin

    If one were to rank the various MLS soccer only stadiums, only ones I can think of offhand probably less impressive than this are Dallas and Columbus. Probably at about the same level as the one in Denver/Commerce City. Meanwhile, LAFC broke ground on an absolute jewel of a stadium today.

    • anon

      yes, but it’s one of the few truly urban stadiums in the league. you’d get a nicer stadium if you cheaped out like the redbulls and built in the middle of nowhere, but i’ll take a no-frills stadium smack dab in dc any day of the week.

      • Colin

        Good point about location but the Red Bulls did not cheap out. Per Wikipedia they spent $216 million in 2016 dollars to build RBA vs. an estimated $180-195 million for DC United’s. Meanwhile I believe LAFC is set to drop $250 million.

        • anon

          it would cost them a good chunk of their $216m just to get the land in a decent place in a borough. dc is expensive, but not like NY and LA, so dollar for dollar comparisons don’t always say who’s splurging on the stadium. as a general rule, in places where there are actual cities that people live in (as opposed to suburban sprawl, e.g., dallas, kansas city), mls should be building in the city. this stadium is good for dc and good for mls.

    • SaraEP

      I don’t know man NYFC playing at Yankee Stadium is awful. I get that they’re looking for their own space but watching games there is painful. Everyone on top of each other… kind of looks like a pick up game. The camera guy stands on the pitchers mound.

      • Colin

        I mentioned soccer only stadiums. Yankee stadium, of course, is primarily a baseball stadium.

        • SaraEP

          ok, fair enough.

  • NoSleepTillBrookland

    I own a small architectural rendering firm in the DC area and am also a big DC United fan. I have been in involved in projects like this and this is a perfect example of the importance of a rendering. The first renderings were to win the project, so the renderings were higher quality, and the design clearly a bit more pricey. As value engineering goes on and the design becomes more realistic, the need for high quality imagery goes up. These images are caught in between, neither abstract nor photo realistic. Not too compelling to the viewer. Therefore I think they are confusing the viewer. A lot of pretty strong criticism about the cheapening of the design although the design is pretty similar to the last round of rendering, not the ones linked above. Wonder if the images are causing this. Wish I could have been part of the project. With that said can’t wait to take the family to the first game when it opens!

    • JDR

      thanks for the interesting perspective.

      I noticed that the pictures all show the stadium from the same angle, and show a lot of trees covering the structure. I suspect that this is because it is the best looking view of the structure, and the portions covered by trees are not the most flattering portions of the building. Can you comment on this? I imagine that its the most important part of choosing a rendering.

      • NoSleepTillBrookland

        The 4 images are similar in view and I think that would mostly be due to that being the main entry, main user experience, and part of the design that is the farthest. At this time the details of what the canopy structure, materials, etc. are probably not either designed yet or in the computer model, therefore making other views not ready. As someone who does this on a daily basis trees, people, cars and more are all used to cover up unsolved or bland areas. As with painting and photography the view, perspective, and composition are everything in starting a rendering. This protruding glass square element is a nice feature element and probably not cheap. Unfortunately it is not represented in a effective or dramatic way in these images. Also keep in mind good appealing architecture doesn’t always mean it needs to be expensive! Architects, engineers, etc have put many hours into a design at this stage, but it often gets lost in the process that the general public only understands, comments, reacts to the renderings. People like me are normally the lowest on the totem pole, in fees, schedule time, and more. Its great to keep the public informed and get them excited about the design but it should be done carefully. In my opinion I would have spent more time on say 2 images and really took them overboard. A rendering is successful if the image brings on emotion, puts the viewer in the space, makes one want to go there, be there, feel the design. To me, these have fell a bit short, and unfortunately then bring on negative comments and questioning of the design. Instead of showing the energy of a DC United Stadium we see, lens flares, flat materials, repetitive trees, pink trees, ghosted people etc. Architects and others may disagree but these images are very important and I think so much more could have been done to represent our new home. Vamos United!!

  • Jerry Grundle

    Wow, people are so ungrateful. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. MLS is a second tier sport a best. Be glad they’re not staying in crumbling RFK Stadium for the next 20 years.

    • James W.

      It would be a gift horse if it were free.

  • mk

    I think this is a huge waste of space. In a city that desperately needs more housing, why build a stadium for a sport nobody here actually cares about?? In prime real estate? When there’s a perfectly good stadium already here? I went to a DC United game with a group once. There were about 8 people there. This is a big mistake regardless of what the drawings look like.

    • Anonymous

      It’s appropriately-sized given the popularity of the team. They will have no problem filling it.

  • Jojo

    Given how much of our tax money is going toward it, it better be freaking nice.

    • Anonymous

      How much of our tax money is going toward it?

  • Brett M

    In DC even the stadiums are boxes. It’s a shame that the most expensive MLS soccer stadium ever is also the blandest.


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