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Check Out Some New Renderings for a Proposed DC United Stadium at Buzzard Point – Council Meeting to Discuss on Thursday, June 26th

by Prince Of Petworth June 16, 2014 at 3:55 pm 34 Comments

Renderings courtesy DC United

From UniteDC:

“In two weeks, D.C. United fans, supporters and community groups have their first opportunity to tell the city council that it’s time to build A STADIUM FOR ALL. As the World Cup kicks off an exciting summer of soccer, the time is now to let the D.C. Council know you support building a new stadium.

On Thursday, June 26th at 9:30am, the D.C. Council will hold its first public hearing on the D.C. United stadium proposal.

We need your support to demonstrate to the Council how important this project is to the entire District of Columbia.

Sign-up TODAY to speak at the hearing and make your voice heard!

We hope you will take time to register your support at this important hearing to UniteDC to bring A STADIUM FOR ALL! The hearing will be held in the Council Hearing Room on the 5th Floor of John A. Wilson Building located at 1350 Pennsylvania Ave. NW.

You can see the new renderings for the stadium here:


More renderings after the jump.




  • Anonymous

    WOW! It can’t come fast enough. Someone is going to make a lot of money selling.

  • Anonymous

    I recall seeing all of the glorious renderings of the baseball stadium before it was built. It’s been open for years, and across the street from the main entrance is a paved over surface (featuring shipping containers!) and a giant open pit. If the developers really wanted to be honest, they’d include a picture that only shows what buildings will be there with absolute certainty when the stadium opens.

    • Kevin

      Are you really asking why the renderings show the best possible outcome while DC United and the mayor are trying to get public support for members of the city council to vote to approve the stadium deal?

      • Jay

        Yes, of course it’s easy to understand why someone would put out propagandistic nonsense, Kevin.

        But it’s still important to call them out for doing so.

    • ash

      So you want them to predict the future?

      • Anonymous

        I’m all for inspirational renderings, but we all know that this is not what the area will look like. The stadium will open and the neighboring buildings won’t be there, and the only people walking around after the game will be either heading home or asking for change. Baseball fans clear out pretty quickly, and there are 10,000+ more of them per game compared to DC United fans.

  • Anon

    Why can’t they refurbish/modernize RFK stadium?

    • Kevin

      The question is asked frequently. Here’s why: http://bit.ly/cantrenovateRFK

      • Eponymous

        I’m not sure whether I’m for or against the stadium at Buzzard Point, but this link is singularly unconvincing. I mean, luxury boxes? Better concessions? Wasps and rats? Really?
        The last of these complaints would have to be addressed with a brand new stadium as well. As to the first two – some people may WANT these features in a stadium, but I have to question whether we NEED them for a facility that serves what (like it or not) still a third-tier sport in the U.S., at best. Finally, they mention that it could cost $250 million to refurb RFK without noting how much the stadium at Buzzard Point is going to cost – a heck of a lot more.

        • Kevin

          The stadium at Buzzard Point is project to cost $300 million. $250 million to renovate RFK Stadium on land that belongs to the federal government is not an investment the team or city should make.

          Another point not made clear is that DC United has lost money at RFK Stadium is every year of their existence — something that is obviously unsustainable. There are two primary reasons for this: (1) Crowds are much smaller than they would be at a nicer facility with better amenities, and (2) DCU does not get revenue from parking, concessions, etc., because they do not own the stadium.

          With those revenue streams DCU will be able to not only turn a profit but also bring in more stars, which in turn will also result in bigger crowds.

    • iluvDC

      because the stadium is to big for a soccer event. DC doesn’t have the market to currently support it. more expense + less revenue = ?

    • Oh_Sweet_Thing

      This new stadium ia about half the size so I would think that in the long run it’s the more affordable option. I can’t confirm that though.

    • Anonymous

      Renovating RFK would be cost prohibitive. This was looked into back when the Nats were preparing to move in, and it was determined that the structural changes necessary to support the addition of luxury suites and expanded concourses would more or less be impossible without tearing everything down and starting over. Add to this the fact that RFK sits on a site significant to the L’Enfant and McMillan plans, and it’s highly unlikely that a new soccer stadium would be built there. I would imagine that someday there will be some type of eastern National Mall/waterfront in this area.

  • Reality

    This needs to happen. It will be a major improvement for the city, especially Buzzard Point… GO DC United, GO USA!

  • MJ

    At least it will be one less thing to build in case these crazy Olympics mongers get their wish and all hell descends on DC in 2024…

    • Anonymous

      I’m pro-Olympis in DC but that comment is absolutely hilarious.

      • Anonymous

        I meant Olympics

    • ronald

      If that happens, they’d need an athlete’s village. It might be an opportunity bulldoze everything from Federal Center to the Navy Yard; do some CSX/VRE re-alignment; and build some parks, shops, less-awful hotels.

      • Anonymous

        And who, exactly, would foot this bill?

        • Anonymous


  • Oh_Sweet_Thing

    Anyone worried that the new stadium will take away from the rowdy atmosphere currently at United games? Will they start attracting a bougier crowd and $13 beers?

    • Not a fed

      Not really. The die-hards will be there just as they always have. It will, however, be a much nicer gameday experience for the more casual fans.

  • Ward One Resident

    And in typical tone-deaf fashion, the Council has scheduled this hearing to begin 2.5 hours before the start of U.S. vs. Germany game. I get that this will probably not be the only hearing, and that people can submit testimony and that the Council has probably never changed their mind based on hearing, this is still pretty stupid scheduling.

  • Personally I love the rendering and understand that developers show the best of what they want to do – but never always get to do all they want … because of the negative types in this posting. OMG

    Only two positive comments on such a great announcement. I guess I should not be surprised but nonetheless I continue to be surprised by this lack of thrill in this city, my home town.

    As for that ridiculous comment about third tier sports (???) – that will change as the population changes. Have you not been paying attention.

    It wont be old fat white guys tailgating forever…

    • Anonymous

      It’s pretty hard to be thrilled about such an expensive project being rammed through DC government by a mayor who’s on his way out the door. I think that the city has learned enough from the baseball stadium debacle to not believe the developers who insist that businesses will flock to the areas next door to the soccer stadium. If DC is such an exceptional market, the city should have extracted way better financial terms from the team.

      • anon

        +1. I don’t appreciate my tax dollars subsidizing a for-profit business in this manner.

        • Anonymous

          Me too. I love soccer and would love a new soccer stadium, just not at the expense of potential social services rendered to many more DC residents as opposed to benefiting a relatively small group of folks / DC soccer fans.

          • Maybe some of those “residents’ can get jobs…

        • Anonymous

          Your tax dollars subsidize a lot of of for-profit businesses. Everything from Walmart to any number of small businesses who get grants or tax breaks from the city. I hope you’re against all of that too.

          • Anonymous

            I would imagine that the tax breaks that Wal-Mart gets are much lower than the city’s portion of the stadium cost, and much lower when you consider the tax breaks the city intends on giving DC United on top of that. Tax breaks distort the economy no matter who they go to.

    • NHAve

      +1. Just look at the difference in World Cup coverage now compared with 4 years ago. SportsCenter used to make fun of soccer; last night the Dempsey goal was one of the leads. NBC making a killing with Premier League contract. MLS, ESPN and Fox Sports just reached a seminal TV coverage agreement for MLS and US Soccer. I don’t watch hockey, but that doesn’t mean I’m ignorant enough to call it a “second tier” sport.

      So there, a third positive comment :) I’m so happy about this and I can’t wait for it to happen (I believe!)

      • The biggest difference in World Cup coverage this year versus 2010 is that it’s occurring much closer to our own time zone. If there’s no audience to watch the coverage wouldn’t be nearly as robust.

        • anon

          Nope. Nice try though.

          2010 showed all the games, but ESPN and other regular sportscasting coverage did not pick up on it as the lead in. Now they do, even when it is not the USA playing. This is due to more people watching in the USA.

  • I. Rex

    I love the renderings and hope it gets built. Combined with the new wharf construction this will help activate the entire Anacostia waterfront.


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