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Reader Reports Shooting/Shots Fired in Cleveland Park; MPD confirms “Arrests were made and guns recovered”

by Prince Of Petworth August 29, 2016 at 9:30 am 17 Comments

shots fired cp

A reader reports around 3am:

“Shots were fired in apartment complex parking lot or Porter Street NW (behind the Quebec house apartments, in the rear parking lot, 2521ish Porter St, NW), then I saw the car hit another car and speed off eventually. Shots were fired on the crosswalk and two cars were in the parking lot. They think the driver was shot in one car that pulled in. When they tried to pull out they hit this car.”

MPD will be releasing more info later but can confirm “Arrests were made and guns recovered”.

Update from MPD:

“The Metropolitan Police Department’s First District announced that multiple suspects have been arrested following shots fired in the 2700 block of Porter Street, Northwest.

On Monday, August 29, 2016, at approximately 2:47 am, Second District officers responded to the 2700 block of Porter Street Northwest for the sounds of gunshots. Upon arrival, officers located several casings at the scene and obtained information regarding a vehicle that was observed fleeing the area. A short time later, an MPD unit from the First District observed a vehicle matching the lookout description traveling northbound in the 3rd Street Tunnel. A brief pursuit followed and when the vehicle stopped, three suspects exited and fled on foot. The suspects were quickly apprehended in the area of the 900 block of New York Avenue, Northwest.

One semi-automatic rifle and two semi-automatic pistols were recovered from the vehicle. Further investigation revealed the vehicle had stolen tags and an altered VIN number.

On Monday, August 29, 2016, First District officers arrested 26-year-old Calvin Donnell Alston of Bowie, MD, 21-year-old Deshawn Williams of Southeast, DC, and 24-year-old Brandon Rose, of Southeast, DC for several offenses including Possession of Unregistered Firearm and Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle.

During the shooting, a vehicle was struck by gunfire. No injuries were reported. The incident remains under investigation.”

via google maps

  • Jeff

    WTF?!?!?!?!?! Cleveland park? I don’t believe this….

    • Cleveland Park runner

      This is horrifying.

  • Anony

    It’s probably the public housing

    • Luckycat

      Where is there public housing over there? I used to live at Quebec House (years ago, admittedly) but was unaware of any public housing.

      • JB

        It’s a joke on all the Popville commenters who show up and point to the nearest alleged “public housing” area anytime there’s any report of violence, regardless of truth/relevance/etc, as the cause of the problem.

  • OnlyOrganicKiwi4Me

    ( sarcasm ) Well, I think we ALL know that is is the natural progression of that little market down the street carrying non-organic fruits and nuts and spices. Wherever non-organic produce is found, violent crime and gun play can’t be far behind…. ( /sarcasm )

  • ParkViewneighbor

    It’s actually “good” that some of the recent crime events happen in posh neighborhoods (just like the Dupont shooting a couple weeks ago).
    Nobody at the cityhall really cares when it happens in petworth or bloomingdale. Maybe now this is affecting the nice WOTP neighborhoods, somebody will do something

    • JohnH

      Except now they’ll take their focus and place it on places that has very few problems….

    • Anonymous

      Agree. I hope one day the other members of the council realize all because crime doesn’t happen in their area, they should support stricter enforcement in the areas that need it. Ward 4 is a mess.

    • dupont

      what dupont shooting? i might have missed that – been away on vacation.

  • Dcresident

    We rely too heavily on the city and the cops to correct a larger problem. Patrolling the neighborhoods or getting to a crime scene quicker doesn’t change the fact that a lot of these crimes are committed by kids or young adults. Id say a fair amount of them do not understanding the ramifications of their behavior other then the ability to fit in or “survive”. The others probably don’t have very many reason to care about the ramifications.

    I challenge all those commenting about the lack of support from the city, police, government, DC water, to take a moment and ask themselves what they can do to support their own communities. If people took the time to volunteer in those very same neighborhoods, we might actually get some kids off the streets, give some of them hope, prevent a crime and maybe just maybe save a life.

    Higher quality reactive solutions and short-term proactive requests (more patrols, more street lighting, removing construction drapes) are bandaid solutions to a much larger problem. Most importantly, it discredits the transformation DC has seen from higher quality education and increased opportunities to those all walks of life.

    Show gratitude that your life didn’t lead you to holding a semi automatic weapon in your hands at age 21 and at least try those who haven’t been so privileged to show them they can put that shit down, instead of still demanding more that is “deserved”.

    • BD

      These young men came into a neighborhood with semiautomatic weapons and fired upon random strangers for no reason whatsoever. No amount of “volunteering” in their community would have helped in this case. I’m sorry but you’re naive. The city needs more police officers AND better education and opportunities. They are not mutually exclusive.

      • textdoc

        +1 to “The city needs more police officers AND better education and opportunities. They are not mutually exclusive.”

      • INWDC

        Agree with your last statement. I’m curious though where you read the bit that they “fired upon random strangers for no reason…” If that’s the case it makes it even more frightening, though I am not seeing that bit of information in the update provided above. Mind if I ask where you found that information?

        • BD

          I live right by there and overheard the police talking to the witnesses.

    • mt p rez


    • Zora

      There is so much wrong with your post, Dcresident. When criminals fire semi-automatic weapons in my neighborhood, my first impulse is not to ponder how the criminals are victims of society or to feel guilty for not volunteering. I don’t think that would be a healthy or productive response to a life-threatening crime, and the bottom line is that every single resident of this city “deserves” to live in a community free of life-threatening crime. Also, when you say that “life” and lack of privilege led the criminals to pick up semi-automatic weapons, you take away from these people their own agency (which I bet honestly happens to them a lot!) and negate the existence of all the kids in the city who grew up without lots of advantages and nevertheless chose not to become gun-toting criminals. Anyway, I could go on, but you sound so morally superior and certain of yourself, I doubt anything anyone might say could persuade you.


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