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  • P. Lecheval

    Are they gonna renovate the bread they use?

  • Mr. Magoo

    Don’t waste your time at the “K Street location.” The employee turnover is remarkable, and lately the place has turned into a real sh*tshow. Last week I waited 15 minutes for a sandwich, only to be to told they were out of turkey. Then the cashier tried to short-change me when I asked for my money back, apparently thinking that I would be satisfied with whatever amount he handed me. What a mess. I used to be a regular but I’m done.

    • mcd

      I am a regular at the 14th street location- I work from home so usually stop by once or twice a week and enjoy the walk over as a mid day break.

      Today I ordered online and walked over, about a 10 minute walk. My sandwich has ALWAYS been ready when I showed up. Every time. Today it wasn’t. They seemingly had a massive order that came in right before mine- looks like they made about 15 sandwiches for whoever ordered right in front of me. It happens. They got slammed – I get it. But I waited about 15 minutes after getting to the shop before finally getting my order. On top of that, the sandwich today was lackluster. I think maybe they need another person on the lunch shift at 14th street- they seemed super busy around 1-130…which is about the duration I stood in the shop waiting for the sandwich I had ordered online and pre-paid for. In the 4+ years I have been going there this has been my only subpar experience though. Still a big fan of Taylor as a whole.

      • dcd

        I like Taylor fine, even after the drop in quality post-expansion. However, I’ve never been to the 14th street location for lunch. Why? Because it’s just a few blocks from G Sandwich, which is infinitely superior. I get it if you’re craving a chicken cutlet every once in a while, but if you’re going once or twice a week, you owe it to yourself to at least check G out (if you haven’t already).

      • You’ve never had an issue in 4+ years, but the one time you do you think they should hire another person…?

    • ryan2499

      I stopped spending there a couple years ago after they completely flubbed a delivery order as my family waited to leave for a road trip vacation. They miscommunicated, showed no remorse and really just didn’t care. Even after reaching out to relay my experience to a presumably higher authority in their structure, I got an impersonal response that showed they clearly don’t care if I’m a customer. So I stopped being one.

      My personal feeling is they simply got too big too fast and really don’t have to care about the individual customer because their rapid expansion made it a numbers game for them, their volume of business masks the need for top notch customer service. Maybe it’ll catch up to them eventually, maybe not. But my dollars haven’t gone there since summer of 2014 and they won’t be again.

      • Anon

        Same here. The entire chain lost my family’s business based on a series of failures at the 14th Street location. 2 hours’ wait for deliveries, lost orders, etc. The final straw was a delivery order that had a wrong sandwich and BBQ chips instead of the plain ones we ordered. When I pointed out the chip problem to the driver (I didn’t realize about the sandwiches yet), he said “We’re out of plain.” and hopped in his car. So apparently I was supposed to pay for food I didn’t want. Then I noticed the wrong sandwich, and the right one was too salty to eat, so I called the place. By then it was too late for a make-up order so I tossed the order in the trash and asked for a refund. The manager agreed, but a week later they still hadn’t applied the refund to my card. So I disputed the charge and we haven’t been back to any location.

  • jesse

    Does this mean they will fix the leak in the roof that never stops?

  • I’m super excited for their new Silver Spring location to open up (in the old Pacers store-front on Fenton Street) — we are so in need of a sandwich shop in that area (when Parkway Deli is too far of a drive) :-) !!

  • Hopefully they’ll fix the AC. Also, we have been accosted twice by aggressive panhandlers INSIDE this store. The big open garage door thing is a cute idea but not practical considering what is usually going on on that block of H Street.

  • Anon

    They were just issued a stop work order for this property. Apparently they didn’t get the permits they needed to do the work they were doing.


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