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  • Eleven

    Can I just say that the goat is incredibly stylish and sort of makes me want a goat of my own? I am presuming those are not allowed in Shaw, but can someone well versed in city ordinances confirm?

    • Anon

      +1 I especially love his coloring

    • District of Columbia Official Code 2001 Edition. Division I. Government of District. Title 8. Environmental and Animal Control and Protection. Subtitle E. Animal Control and Protection. Chapter 18. Animal Control. Subchapter I. General. § 8-1808. Prohibited conduct.
      Among other things covered under the law, this D.C. law prohibits the importation into the District, possession, display, offering for sale, trading, bartering, exchanging, or adopting, or giving as a household pet any living member of the animal kingdom including those born or raised in captivity, except the following: domestic dogs (excluding hybrids with wolves, coyotes, or jackals), domestic cats (excluding hybrids with ocelots or margays), domesticated rodents and rabbits, captive-bred species of common cage birds, nonpoisonous snakes, fish, and turtles, traditionally kept in the home for pleasure rather than for commercial purposes, and racing pigeons (when kept in compliance with permit requirements).

      • That One Guy

        Service animals are exempted, right? HA.

      • also anon

        ……so backyard chickens are illegal? I know handful of people that have them (quite publicly) but I guess Animal Control just looks the other way?

        • Anons

          Per DC regs, Title 24, Section 902 of the D.C. Municipal Regulations, which says that chickens can be kept provided they are not “permitted to run, fly, or stray within fifty feet of any building used for human habitation.” Also a few schools have permission to keep chickens

  • Tsar of Truxton

    He’s like, ‘Put up your dukes, Goat’ and I’m like, ‘I got fuckin no dukes old man.’

  • dcd

    “How did he get from Beltsville to the Monuments so quickly?”

  • E.

    Dan, why isn’t there a goat tag? How do I share all the goat posts at once so I can prove to friends in other cities that DC is superior in its goathood?

  • MetroKnitter

    My friend spotted the goat up near Frederick, MD. Turns out, the pair are walking across the country to raise money to purchase an orphanage and run an outreach program in Nairobi http://www.needle2square.com/#!our-story/component_74511

    Sigh, and here I was, getting all excited about seeing the goat around DC.

    • Yeah, that’s mentioned in the link within the link above.

      • Rd

        Calm down

        • Anonymous



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