“Takoma Beverage Company will be a neighborhood cafe, specializing in hand-crafted coffee and tea, along with beer, wine and cocktails”

by Prince Of Petworth August 31, 2016 at 9:32 am 13 Comments

6917 Laurel Ave courtesy Your Main Street Takoma

From a press release:

“Takoma Beverage Company is coming to 6917 Laurel Ave, Takoma Park in the heart of the Takoma commercial district. Takoma Beverage Company will be a neighborhood cafe, specializing in hand-crafted coffee and tea, along with beer, wine and cocktails, all prepared by trained baristas. Seth Cook, co-owner and the current coffee director of award winning Northside Social in Arlington, VA, will oversee the coffee program.

Takoma Beverage Company will also offer a selection of breakfast sandwiches and pastries to accompany morning coffee and tea service. In the afternoon, customers will be invited to transition to beer, wine and cocktails with more elegant fare, from charcuterie and cheese to smaller composed dishes, all prepared in-house.

The new space will host a long bar and and open kitchen. There will be 30 seats plus outdoor patio seating looking onto the tree-lined street, which also hosts Takoma Park’s popular Takoma Park Farmers Market. Takoma Beverage Co. is under construction now and will open late 2016/early 2017. Hours of operation will be 7:00am-10:00pm Sunday-Thursday and 7:00am-12:00am Friday and Saturday.”

  • jumpingjack

    This sounds like a great addition to the neighborhood!
    I used to live near Northside Social, and if this new place is anything like that it’ll be fantastic.

  • Pixie

    Yes!! This sounds awesome.

  • Anonynon

    Anyone live in Takoma near here? What is it like?

    • Plaidsneakers

      This is on the little main street in Takoma Park, which is quite cute. But is the patio going to be on the roof? The sidewalk is cozy at best and during Sunday morning farmers markets almost impassable. I wish it luck.

      • Reed_Walter

        Other restaurants on that block (e.g the Thai place) have sidewalk seating. I assume they do not allow it during the Hippy, er, I mean Farmers Market.

    • Reed_Walter

      What is Takoma like or what is this street like or what is this retail space like?

      • Anon

        Takoma (DC) and Takoma Park (MD) are next to each other. It is a pretty great neighborhoods, and the prices have yet to get to the insane levels of other DC neighborhoods. There are a couple of places on the DC side for example which are in the $400k-$450k range available for example that are 3 BR+.
        The area is pretty walkable, has great transit access, and is very cute.
        To me it remains the DC areas hidden little secret, a great, safe neighborhood, that is walk-able and quiet but still somewhat accessible.It is almost a little too idyllic and quirky.
        Either way it is highly recommended, both the DC and Maryland side of the neighborhood. If you are in the market for a house, it is worth looking at.

        • Reed_Walter

          I would add that most of the houses in that price range need work. I think $600K is probably the lower end for something that doesn’t need major upgrades. But that is still much cheaper than most of NW DC for a 3 BR stand alone (or semi-detached) house.

          • Anon

            Look in the current real estate listings in takoma dc. There is a douplex and townhouse right in this range. The townhouse is in decent shape, the douplex less so. $450k for the townhouse, $400k for the douplex.

      • akitadog

        6-year Takoma Park resident here.
        Pros: TP is excellent for small families. The schools are great, plenty of cultural activities for all ages, and a good focus on pre school-age children, You can’t throw a stone without hitting a playground, and there are nice festivals and parades that cycle through every year. Sligo Creek Park is easily accessible from most of the city. The boutique shops are nice, if you’re looking for what they sell.

        Cons: God forbid you voice any political opinions that don’t fall in line with the liberal-to-a-fault echo-chambery policies and sentiments that the city wears on its sleeve. Should you own your home, the property taxes are REDONKULOUS (50% higher than surrounding MoCo, and far higher than DC), and if you’re like me, an apartment owner who rents or is considering renting your property, the city, by law, discriminates against you, merely because the property you own happens to be an apartment (I can go into detail if you really want me to). The city is not very business-friendly (if you follow Takoma development, you’ll notice that the big strides are being made on the DC side), and rather than build up a tax base of employers, it chooses to bilk the folks with money (see property taxes, above) to subsidize poor folks and silly things like a grain silo (who uses the grain silo?). Although the city makes a point of professing that it is this cute little cultural/ethnic melting pot, it really is no different than any other city, where the rich white folks live in one area, the Latinos live in another, and the Ethiopians live in their zone, and there is little interaction between the groups (unless you employ a nanny, that is).

        All in all, if you enjoy talking to people with the exact same beliefs as you, with nary a challenge to your worldview, it’s paradise. Otherwise, it’s tolerable to live in to send your kids to excellent public elementary and middle schools, but, once they’re in high school, I suggest you get out of Dodge.

        • YLow

          Sounds like the Takoma I grew up in. Seems like nothing has changed.

  • siz

    nice! glad a (surely superior) successor to bread & chocolate is coming to this block.

  • On Capital Heels

    Welcome to the neighborhood! (I was just at this store the other day, wondering what was going to be put there. Thanks to Popville, now I know the answer to that question.

    Takoma and surrounding neighborhoods are great — for the reasons others have already described. I feel incredibly lucky to have gotten into this area in time (and before the crush of folks that will come once Walter Reed, Kennedy Street, etc. are developed). I just hope we don’t lose the character of our little urban oasis, or have to displace the wonderful folks who lives here in the process.


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