Gilligan Gone Bad – Allegedly Attempted Unlawful Entry and Quite Possibly Drunk

by Prince Of Petworth August 9, 2016 at 1:45 pm 39 Comments

jesus i'm drunk

“Dear PoPville,

Check out this footage that clearly captures a young white guy dressed like some kind of hipster (Gilligan hat, puka-shell necklace, trendy t-shirt from Urban Outfitters & white jeans) who somehow gained entry into 2100 block of 15th Street NW’s locked and walled backyard and came up the stairs outside XXXXX’s kitchen and tried his back door knob to enter. He then walks next door and climbs the wall between us and then does who-knows-what as he drifts in the darkness and out of view. XXXXX said he also found the air let out of one of his car tires in his garage, the cap missing, and his car mirror bent inwards. He confirmed that his electric garage door was locked from the outside but his backyard entry door into the garage was unlocked (no need to lock it since it’s inside his walled backyard.)


XXXXX filed this with the police.

We gotta catch this guy.

Enough with all the trespassing, attempted break-ins and antics on our block already.

And here’s a screen grab of the stupid t-shirt he is wearing”

screen shot 2014-03-17 at 1.45.09 pm

  • Former Petworth.

    “Gilligan hat, puka-shell necklace, trendy t-shirt from Urban Outfitters & white jeans”

    Hipster? Really? This is more like rural Eastern European vacation in warmer climate attire.

    • Anonamom

      Or Dude Bro who missed the last train to Ballston.

      • wdc


        • Anon

          No, it’s a time traveler from 1996.

          • SaraEP

            hahaha yes. sounds like something a rave kid would wear from the late 90’s, minus the jnco jeans.

          • Ben

            Maybe he had the music in him?

      • Igwar

        :) ! Thank you.

    • Anon

      Definitely has a serious stench of Eastern Euro FOB vine to me. I don’t think “hipster” is applicable here by definition.

      • It’s almost not applicable whatsoever to any situation in DC, yet gets used constantly.

        • Young

          Agreed. If you go by what my neighbors call hipsters then every millennial is a hipster.

          • P. Lecheval

            That’s because what started out as edgy, like being covered in tattoos, handlebar mustaches with big beards, etc., is completely mainstream among twenty-somethings now. That’s how it always goes.

          • Anon

            “……completely mainstream among the twenty-somethings now”
            Admit it, you don’t personally know a single twenty-something who hasn’t served you a latte at Starbucks.

        • [rrrrr]

          Hipster has long since become, person who’s fashion I disagree with.

        • Anon

          I think it’s funny the OP is calling that t-shirt “trendy”.

      • But rank racism is OK then? !!!

    • Sorry, I wrote that letter to Popville. I meant “hamster” not “hipster”. :-)

  • Rob

    “Enough with all the trespassing, attempted break-ins and antics on our block already.”

    Geez, thanks Captain Overdramatic. It’s one drunk dude who had no idea where he was, we’ve all been there.

    Enough with all the world hunger, too, right?

    • Ed. Note: I did not include all the “poopergate” issues from this block. You should thank me for not including that…

      • c

        thank you.

      • v

        now i’m curoius

        • FridayGirl

          Also drunk people who don’t know where they are is an understatement. It takes a bit of thought to get into someone’s walled off and locked up yard, amirite?

          • Jill

            Agree. I’ve had drunk people wander into my front yard (we have some comfy patio furniture that makes it especially inviting) and they don’t really bother me. This would freak me out though.

          • You are right. Our walls are 8-feet high.

        • Trust me when I say, don’t be. I prepared a 67-page Community Impact Statement detailing poop terrorism on our block here. Hit me up on FB if you want me to send you a download link. It will suppress your appetite for days. :-\

          • FridayGirl

            Ugh. I am so sorry.

  • navyard

    Haven’t seen the video, but is it possible this guy was blitzed out of his mind and went into the wrong yard? Because he’s not dressed for burglary. Lucky he didn’t get his head shot off though.

    • Our fences around our 2 yards are 8 feet high. Unless he had super powers, then no. ;-)

  • Anon

    Sartorial choices aside, it sounds like this guy had a personal beef with XXXXX.

  • I Dont Get It

    Was there a coconut cream pie visible on the kitchen counter?

    • textdoc

      Actual LOL!

  • stacksp

    Drunk and just looking for a safe place to land and sober up…..

    • Anon

      Why was he letting air of car tires then? I think his intent was a bit more malicious.

      • stacksp

        That I cant explain honestly and I glossed over that initially.

  • Kingman Park

    He’s an extra from the new Pauly Shore flick they’re filming down the street.

  • Nikolaovich

    The Dark Side of Gilligan – Fire Walk With Me for three hours.

  • OP Anon

    Looks like Bez from the Happy Mondays

    • “Juice” Terry Lawson

      Apart from the fact that Bez has much better taste in clothes, looks about 87 these days from years of good living, and those hats were made popular by Reni from the Stone Roses.

    • anonymous

      “I wrote for luck, they sent me you..”

  • Brett M

    Wow the excuses being put forward for THIS guy’s actions are incredible. Of course we all know why.

    I’ve been wasted many times, never did I break in or vandalize property like he did.


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