• Emmaleigh504

    I like it.

  • anon

    People are gonna hate on it because it’s a pop-up, but I think it looks pretty nice. And if those other rowhouses pop up in unique and varied ways, the block will look great someday.

    • I think it’s all new construction not a pop up.

      • Rainman

        Yes but it “COULD HAVE BEEN” a two story single family row house instead of a stack of condos, so “THINK OF THE CHILDREN.”

        • tacopuss

          Not really, this section of 14th St is zoned C-2-A, so the construction makes perfect sense for where it is. In fact, my only problem with it is the lack of commercial/retail space in the building!

    • Bryan

      I don’t hate on it because it is a pop-up. I hate on it because it lacks anything resembling character and looks like a tetris block.

      It’s like a new age era of brutalist architecture and 15 years down the line the new people using the 2031 version of prince of petworth are going to be wondering wtf the developers were thinking.

      • anon

        oooooor, tastes could change, and people will look back with unnecessary reverence for them, like we do with rowhouses.

        • Bryan

          The difference is you can still make row houses into multi-unit houses that don’t look like a mixture of prison architecture and tetris blocks.

  • Guillermo Brown

    Wow, it seems like there’s a new story about this area every week. Long overdue for it to take off!

  • shawsomesauce

    My friend lives in a building that looks an awful lot like this building on this stretch of 14th. Not this building, but could be the same developer. Her place seems pretty nice.

  • Always handy to be close to the barbershop.

    • Bryan

      But you know this popup means that in another year or so that barber shop is going to turn into a new gentleman’s hair cuttery with cuts costing you upwards of $50 because they will give you a shave with a straight razor.

  • wpk_dc

    I like it.

  • Heidi abbasi

    We bought a condo on this block and are so pleased to see so many new developments and restaurants popping up really excited to see what this area becomes.

  • upper14thforever

    From Red Derby and Lyman’s — to new architecture actually designed with population density in mind NOT DILAPIDATED ROOF TOPS — to the highly anticipated opening of Little Coco’s — Upper Fourteenth couldn’t be more poised on the edge of coolness more right now.

    • Guillermo Brown

      Agree completely. Great streetscape, too

    • d

      Nice slogan for the hood. Upper 14th: Couldn’t Be More Poised On The Edge Of Coolness More Right Now. Now With Fewer Dilapidated Rooftops!

    • soozles

      Upper 14th St., not to be confused with 14th St. Heights (up by Highlands and/or further up by Colorado?)

  • Anonymous

    The 2004 tax assessment photo shows a rowhouse the same height as the house next door, with a sign for Silvia’s Beauty Salon. The property is zoned C-2-A, as is the rest of the block and the six rowhouses facing Quincy Street, so mixed-use buildings of this scale would be allowed in that zone (provided it includes a significant amount of residential space).

  • Yep – Sweatworth (Southwest Petworth) is really on the move! Happy to call it home!

    • anonymous

      That is stupid. Stop it

      • stacksp

        Lol I have never ever heard that term before. I am just getting used to NOMA

  • CS

    No one else noticed the evil eyes on the lower level porch?

    • textdoc

      You mean the strategically positioned white chairs?

  • tom

    ugly, boring, and cheap looking

    • James W.

      Yup. I’ve seen more appealing homes built from shipping containers.

  • Ben

    Looks like someone already snagged the top unit, at $630k! Wow I really can’t afford this area….


  • Pete

    That looks hideous.


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