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honey pig

Thanks to a reader for sending the answer to many people’s prayers from the Annandale Honey Pig. Back in 2012 we had heard some scuttlebutt that they were interested in H Street, NE but that never panned out. Updates when we learn where in DC they’ll be coming. Any guesses? To the map! I’ve super enlarged it and…

For those not familiar with Honey Pig:

“Honey pig began in 2008 when Mr. & Mrs. Kim decided to create a restaurant that would offer affordable, quality food for people from all different walks of life in VA. Today, all six locations of Honey pig is Known for being just that– a fun, vibrant mixing bowl of all ages and cultures, coming together enjoy the best tasting Korean BBQ at the lowest prices in town!

Honey Pig Korean Grill began with a simple dream: to share one family’s love of Korean food with the entire community. Five locations later, the restaurant tantalizes taste buds across the region with a full menu of beef, pork, poultry,and seafood entrees cookedusing traditional Koreaningredients and recipes. Try the thinly sliced beef brisket, pork belly, or duck breast, or the beef tartar served raw with pears and pine nuts. Baby octopus shares a plate with pork belly and cabbage that’s seasoned to spicy perfection, and soybean paste stewsimmers with tofu and vegetables.

In Korean, a gold pig represents good fortune therefore, HONEY = SWEET, PIG = GOOD FORTUNE HONEY + PIG = SWEET, GOOD FORTUNE. Of course, it also means that the pork is delicious and sweet like honey.”

Check out their menu here.


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