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Check Out Republic’s New Happy Hour Menu

by Prince Of Petworth July 28, 2016 at 3:40 pm 12 Comments

6939 Laurel Ave

From an email:

“Republic in Takoma Park just debuted a new happy hour menu featuring $7 select wines, $7 Addie’s Mussels and $1 Chesapeake Bay Oysters. Republic’s happy hour also allows guests to choose from their extensive all-local beer menu for any $5 mini pint, which currently includes a wide selection from Right Proper Brewing Company, RAR Brewing Company and Hellbender Brewing Company. The menu features seven different cocktails all for a special price of $7 including a Sazerac, Dirty Martini, Moscow Mule, Tom or John Collins, Aperol Spritzer, Sebring Convertible – the restaurant’s take on a Margarita made with tequila and lime, and a seasonal shrub. Throughout happy hour, guests are able to order off of the entire bar menu as well, featuring snacks like crispy Cotija cheese with lemon aioli, deviled egg and pickled veggies or the fried B & B pickles with smoked pepper aioli. Happy hour is available at the bar Monday through Friday from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. In addition, Republic also offers a “late night” menu every evening from 10:00 p.m. until close, which will feature all of the happy hour drink specials along with $1 Chesapeake oysters. The full bar and happy hour menu offerings can be seen below.

Bar Menu

Happy Hour

MondayFriday 3pm-7pm; SundaySaturday 10pm-close

$5 Mini Pints

$7 Select wines by the glass

$7 Happy Hour Cocktails:

The Sebring Convertible Tequila, Sunshine, Lime

Tom or John Collins Gin or Bourbon, Lemon, Sugar

Sazerac Rye Whiskey, Absinthe, Bitters

Dirty Martini Vodka, Dry Vermouth, Olives

Moscow Mule Vodka, Lime, Ginger Beer

Aperol Spritzer Aperol, Sparkling Wine, Orange

House Shrubs Liquor, Sugar, Fruit, Vinegar


$7 Addie’s Mussels

$1 Chesapeake Bay Oysters


Deviled Eggs fried capers… $6

Fried B & B Pickles Smoked Pepper Aioli… $8

Spiced Cauliflower… $8

BBQ Fries w/ BBQ Pork & Cheddar Cheese… $9

Empanadas Smoked Pork, Green Chilies & Cheese… $11

Tempura Green Beans Toasted Sesame Seeds, Soy Dipping Sauce… $8

Caesar Romaine Hearts, Focaccia Croutons, Parmesan Reggiano, White Anchovies… $11

Mixed Field Greens Toasted Pumpkin Seeds, Shaved Radish, Aged Sherry Vinaigrette… $9

Ancient Grain Salad Pomegranate, Pistachios & Mint… $10

Burrata Cheese Farro, Basil, Celery, Lemon, Arbequina Olive Oil… $13

Crispy Cojita Cheese Lemon Aioli, Deviled Egg, Pickled Vegetables… $11

Fried Oysters Tartar Sauce, Fresh Lemon… $10

Duck Confit Cubano Country Ham, B & B Pickles, Swiss Cheese, Poblano Chilies… $16

Chesapeake Oyster Sliders…$12 or Gulf Shrimp Sliders…$10 Kimchi, Sriracha-Lime Aioli, Fresh Cucumber

Smith Meadows Farm Burger Mustard-ale Cheese, Pretzel Bun, Lettuce, Aioli (Add bacon $1) … $15

Addie’s Mussels w/ Tomato, Garlic & Lemon… $12 “

  • EatARaySaveTheBay

    $5 mini-pint? What is that? A unit of measurement can’t be a mini (mini quart; mini gallon; mini inch, etc). I’m envisioning an 8 ounce pour, which seem awful. Kudos on the $1 Chesapeake Bay Oysters; I wish more places did this, especially considering the proximity to the bay. I’ve always wanted to like Republic and have been on a number of occasions but end up going away unsatisfied. The $1 oysters will bring me back and hopefully I’ll have a better experience.

    • It’s the only actual way to measure a kick in the

  • Mojotron

    WTF is a “mini pint”? A pint is 16 fluid ounces, unless they mean an imperial pint, which is 20oz (guessing that it’s neither and they’re referring to a 12oz pint “style” glass).

    • textdoc

      Maybe they’re doing what Haagen-Dazs did?

  • jumpingjack

    Republic is such a great addition to Takoma. I’m so happy it’s there.

  • BC

    When did mini-pint become a thing? Is it really that much more costly to offer an actual pint? Smh.

  • Anon

    Whoever thought that it would be a good idea to advertise $5 “mini pints” as a HH special in Takoma Park should be put out to pasture.

  • NotaHippieinTakoma

    While a “mini-pint” is obviously not a real unit of measure, Republic uses it to denote a half pint (although this assumes that their regular sized beers are really 16 oz and not 14 oz, but that’s a discussion for another day).

    However, I think this is a typo. According to their website, the happy hour price for a half pint is $3. Which isn’t great, but isn’t horrible.

    Honestly, this happy hour isn’t very good, except for the oyster specials.

  • TX2DC

    $7 happy hour wine? Lol. You’re doing it wrong!

  • AD

    The mini pint is 10oz. And this “new” happy hour is actually mostly a more expensive version of their old happy hour. There’s more beers and cocktails available on hh but all the $5 stuff went to $7.

  • nexttime

    I was so excited to check out this place with some friends during their happy hour but, as the post describes, the happy hour is only available at the bar, which was full when we got there around 6 and maybe sat a dozen people. We sat at high top tables next to the bar but weren’t offered any specials that I can remember. Maybe next time I’ll go early and with just a couple people since the bar was crowded all evening. Regular priced cocktails were excellent but on the pricier side.

  • matt

    What the hell is a mini pint? If it isn’t 16 oz, it’s not a pint. And $5 for a less-than-16-oz beer isn’t “special.”


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