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  • textdoc

    I saw a segment about this on last night’s PBS Newshour. Impressive and depressing.
    I wonder how much of the litter that goes into D.C.’s storm drains ends up in the ocean. :(

  • victoria

    I saw this a few weeks ago and it really is extraordinary. I need to go back and look closer (we had kids along, so had to keep moving.) I have been to many remote islands and atolls all over the S. Pacific and the beaches are covered with plastic & trash. You literally can’t walk five steps on pure sand.

  • CVR

    I went to the zoo Memorial Day weekend with out of town guests (I forgot how evil the zoo is on weekends…) and saw some of this exhibit. Amazing and depressing is right. Thanks for posting this because I want to go back so I can really see all the pieces.


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