• Ghost

    Question: Who on earth was paying 1,500 a month and living with that crappy furniture/tv setup? No offense its just confusing to see pictures of a TV like that for such an expensive place. I wouldn’t pay 1,500 a month for a 1br if that’s all I could afford to furnish it with. Maybe some people don’t care much about the appearance of their apartment?

    • Anon Spock

      I’m sure this person values living alone in this hood more than flat screen tvs and/or they just don’t care that much about tv and furnishings. Either or both are acceptable in society.

    • JoDa

      Someone who isn’t home much? Why spend hundreds of dollars on a modern TV that is just going to overwhelm the space if all you watch on it is 5 minutes of the local news before you go to sleep?
      Or, you know, because $1500 is actually pretty cheap by DC standards, someone who doesn’t have a lot of money?

      • Hill Denizen

        You can get a 32″ flat screen for $100, but that’s besides the point. The furnishings look straight out of a frat house.

        • CHGal

          Maybe someone who just moved out of a frat house and $1500 is all they can afford?

      • LC

        It could also be someone who is older and retired and/or widowed. The furniture doesn’t exactly say young 20-something to me.

        I live in a complex in the NW that is only studio and 1brs that rents for under that amount, and there are a good amount of retired people who live alone mixed in with students/young professionals.

    • anon

      I had a tube TV up until 3 years ago (carried it with me for two cross-country moves including numerous others from 1996-2013) and I pay about this much. I couldn’t give a rats a$$ about electronics and keep them until they break.

    • reality

      Might be good for AU, Howard Law, or UDC students up in the NW area.

  • samanda_bynes

    was that photo taken in the early 90s?

  • bll

    I’m so confused by the photos of this place. the posting says it’s an alcove studio, but the fourth picture shows two internal doors that are not from closets or bathrooms. then the picture with the bedroom also appears to have a door. is this a studio located within another apartment?

    • anon

      Clear to me. The “alcove” they use for the bed is what is otherwise known as a walk-in closet with two double doors off the living room. At least that’s what I’d use it for.
      Despite the negative comments on the furnishings, the photo manages to show a sofa, a chair, a good sized dining table, a desk and another table – not a bad layout, so long as the bed is in the windowless closet.


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