This is great for so many reasons

by Prince Of Petworth July 25, 2016 at 2:55 pm 8 Comments

contradictory parking signs

Last week Andrew sent us the great photo above from 2nd and D St SE between Folger and Providence Park:

“DC Parking Enforcement can’t be bothered to abide by the laws they enforce.”

J Coleman noted the classic contradictory signage. But props to DPW, DC311 and DDOT who have coordinated to fix this sign.

But still…

  • Dlabog

    They do this all the time in DuPont when they’re checking cars. I can see how it’s hypocritical but I’m not sure they could cover the ground they do if they had to find legal spots for every couple blocks. It might be a safety issue but no more than moving trucks blocking most of the road for hours.

    • DRC

      My main complaint is when they’d block a lane at say… Irving and Georgia at 7am during rush hour where there is a ton of traffic plus metro busses trying to get through. And they are idling next to an empty parking space, while sitting in their car doing paperwork.

      Oh, and based on the picture, it seems to me this car is parked legally. What shows you that it’s not?

      • Dlabog

        I completely agree, if they are parked near a stop sign out of the road that’s one thing, assuming people can still turn or whatever. If they are double parked on Georgia that’s completely ridiculous. The picture above looks pretty harmless though.

      • arf

        Also, why does the city buy cars to enforce parking?

  • boybert

    I’d rather have an enforcement car parked “illegally” than taking up a space that I could use to park legally in, especially if the officer is there to remove or penalize illegal parkers who are either parked dangerously or unfairly using legal spaces without paying.

  • Effie

    You know, there used to be a show on tv called Parking Wars and I’d LOVE to see them do a DC edition, that would be some great dramatics right there. I myself would have some pretty worthy episodes with my own encounters :)

  • arf

    “props to DPW, DC311 and DDOT who have coordinated to fix this sign” …Again, another example of local government agencies getting together to solve such a monumental issue

  • chrisnhamp

    I see how the signs are contradictory, but I don’t see how the DCPE care is in violation. There is a no-parking to the left sign and a pay to park sign also pointing to the left but they are parked to the right of the signs. Am I missing something?


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