• Bee

    So, Trump drives himself around?

  • Halfsmoke

    Goooold finnngaaaa…..wa wa wa wawa!

  • Effie

    This is a pretty nice ride, very expensive to have this done the way it is! The rapper Tyga has his car in gold, but this is not his car lol

  • AnonV2

    Wonder if this is the same person that used to have a Caddy CTS-V with an equally blinding chrome/silver wrap that I used to see around town. They’ve upgraded to an uglier car with an even more ostentatious wrap. Well done, that took some doing!

  • TX2DC

    There is something inherently wrong about about a 4-door Porsche, IMHO. It’s just so….ugly. 2 door Carrera? Yes, please!

    • Anon

      What year 911 do you drive?

    • Bloomy

      It’s the only one i like!

  • jenster8dc

    Anyone else have the Miami Vice theme song stuck in their head?

  • Clueless

    Love the color!


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