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  • Philippe Lecheval

    Seeing how their logo contains the Hipster Cross, you can bet it’ll be run by squirrelly dudes with big beards and cost $50 minimum for a basic haircut.

  • John Davis

    Yeah, when I saw this sign I thought to myself it was only a matter of time before U St. got one of those barbershops akin to Hell’s Bottom and whatever that place is called at the bottom of 18th St. in AdMo.

  • Man hair

    This is great news. Hell’s Bottom has gone so mainstream into a beauty salon instead of a barbershop. They have clearly lost their edge and have lots of women at the 9th street locale that seem to know very little about what a man wants from a barber. The other locations seem to have lost their way. $70-$95 for a man’s cut that they spend 15 minutes with some clippers. It used to take 45 min with a lot of scissor work. It is great to seem some competition coming to the area. Maybe Hell’s bottom will wake up and go back to its roots, or maybe the men who want barbering service can go to this new place. $50 is not bad for a real barber experience.

  • James

    Nothing hipster about this place… and definitely not anything like Barber of HEll’s Bottom franchise (now 3 locations). From their website it looks like it will retain the style and manner of all the other barbershops along U street. Didn’t know there was a market need for more.

    Established in 2015.

    Created by Julian and June, Signature Cuts and Shaves is a family owned business with over 28 years in the hair business.

    There first shop was Hair Attractions which was located in Greenbelt, MD from 1987-1991. The second shop, Capital Plaza Salon, was a popular salon located in Capital Plaza, MD from 1990-1995. The third store, J and J Hair Magic, was located in Washington, D.C from 1995-2009.

    Lead barber Julian is also extremely experienced in barbering. He specializes in a variety of exceptional haircuts and straight razor shaves . Julian has also managed many of the 3 barber and beauty salons. The both of them have serviced a long list of clientele which includes an array of celebrities and politicians.


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