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  • textdoc

    At first I thought “No Longer in Shaw” meant the building itself had moved, and I was very puzzled.
    I dunno, Truxton peeps… I don’t think this is the kind of building you want to claim for your neighborhood. ;)

    • textdoc

      Actually… I can’t believe I’m saying this, but this pop-up isn’t actually as bad as I expected. (Granted, that was a pretty low bar.) It looks like it’s not going to have any weird projecting bay windows, so that’s a good start. And it looks like the facade is going to be uniform all the way up/down the front, so there won’t be a jarring break partway through.
      It helps that the original building was not particularly attractive and didn’t seem to have any historic detail remaining other than possibly some kind of minimal detail just under the top of the roof. (If it does have that kind of detail, it’s not readily apparent from Street View.)

      • textdoc

        The facade of the original two-story building had been slightly mangled by the placement of an additional front door that didn’t line up with the window above. From Street View, it looks like it must’ve been divided into an upstairs unit and a downstairs unit, each with an entrance at street level.

  • Michael

    While I don’t want to claim the building for Shaw, it is still officially part of Shaw. Shaw’s boundaries extend to NJ Avenue on the East, and Florida Ave to the North.

    • Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

      • Sean

        This just made my day. Thank you, PoP!

    • Truxton Thomas

      Yup, this is in Shaw!

  • Anon

    This is definitely not part of Truxton Circle, which is bounded on the west side by NJ Ave. As of earlier this morning, that building was still on the west side of NJ Ave, putting it squarely outside of Truxton.

    • Sweet, a new title for part three as construction continues!!

    • Philippe Lecheval

      I’ll let it slide this time since you’re new in town, but this building is squarely in West Truxton Park.

  • Truxtoner

    I imagine wherever possible you will see taller buildings go up on New Jersey Avenue because you get pretty spectacular views down it to the Capitol. This will probably have a pretty sweet view from the rooftop.

    Speaking of New Jersey Avenue, does anyone or has POP ever covered that building at the corner of New Jersey and P on the south side of P? NCEC something or another? Whenever I pass by that, I think, that would be a really great spot for a restaurant or a nice condo building with some retail at the bottom. That stretch of NJ between O and P is such a strange block.

    • gk

      You mean the abandoned child care center? I once heard it was going to be a beer garden. It seems like a high-potential corner.

      • Truxtoner

        I didn’t realize it was abandoned, mostly because there are still children toys out in the patio area and I figured if it was abandoned, someone would have stolen those by now.

        Would love to see a beer garden there. Who can get on this?

      • E.

        I think the proposed and abandoned beer garden, Garden State, was on the other side of NJ where Jamo’s Deli seems to have closed. I agree, both locations have such potential. Jamo’s Deli actually looked like they made good breakfast sandwiches at one point, but they were a tad out of my way to stop by on my commute.

        • Truxton Thomas

          I just like how their “grand opening” lasted all the way until they closed.

    • ANC

      Every time we walk by there, my daughter inquires as to whether she can go play on that playground. Somehow, I think a lone kid playing there would make it even sadder than it already is.

      I think that building belongs to the church next door further down NJ. I had heard it was a halfway house at some point, but I’ve never seen anyone go in or out in the four years I’ve lived in the area.

      • Truxtoner

        Been here two and same. And you’re right, the church owns it. You’d think they’d cash out to a developer if they aren’t even using the church. I’d really love to see a few more restaurants creep into Truxton.

        The old ZZ Kabob place that has been mentioned here has been gutted, but there is a for lease sign on the fence. I think POP asked about it last week. Just FYI. Seems they gutted but no tenant to go in yet. And Steve’s Market on 1st and P is making some progress. Although still not totally sure what they are putting there.

  • Nathan

    I’m not sure if it was ever really leaning; might have just been the remaining brick facade (now gone) that was not level.

    • Sultan of Shaw

      I had that EXACT same thought last week when I saw it. I don’t even know how one would un-lean a building without some pretty extensive demo (which never happened).

    • textdoc

      The pop-up portion appeared to be leaning vis-a-vis the original portion in the previous PoPville photos.

      • links to old photos are in the text above.

      • Nathan

        Yeah though it appeared to be; walking by it and looking I don’t think it ever was.

    • Shawz

      The building itself was always straight, but the retained brick façade was slightly crooked. Since our eyes tend to see brick as more “solid” than OSB, it made it look like the façade was straight and the building was crooked. Now that the brick has been removed, it looks fine. I’m fine with this building, and fine with it being in Shaw. Quite frankly, that area could use a bit more density (and I wouldn’t shed any tears if that gas station was razed to the ground, I tend to avoid it unless I’m absolutely okay with having my credit card stolen).

  • gk

    This is on the Shaw side of NJ Ave, not that we want to claim that monstrosity.

  • Shawxton

    The angle of this photo makes it look a bit worse than it does in person; just out of the right side of the frame there is a row of buildings that are the same height. If anything it just makes that gas station look more out of place. The neon green doesn’t help either.

    • Nathan

      And 2 vacant lots now next to it, which probably will have buildings of similar height.

  • LionofLedroit

    TriBeShaT = Triangle Bestraddling Shaw & Truxton

    • textdoc

      Actual LOL!

    • Truxtoner

      But…it isn’t on the triangle is it? It’s on the west side of New Jersey.

  • anon

    This building still leans off to the right (towards the Valero gas station) and the DCRA is considering whether to revoke all permits granted to the developers next week because they submitted falsified documents to DCRA for permits on a few properties. I heard that they already revoked one building permit that the developer had received for a property a few blocks away. Hopefully the DCRA will make an example of them that other developers in the city learn from.

  • O. Non E. Muss

    I live within spittin’ distance of this building, and while I’ll admit that it looks a lot better now than it did a year or so ago, I wonder if anyone knows what the deal is with the gas station next door. A few months ago, the pumps were boarded up and people were clearing out what little inventory there was in the shop, but now it looks like it’s business as usual. Anyone know what’s up with that?


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