• Caroline

    Nice try, Prince! No sarcasm intended; I do appreciate the effort. But if you’re trying to say, “long live…,” try “viva” instead. As in “¡Viva Los Cuates!”

    • ach thank you!!

      • Caroline

        No worries! Would you believe, I just spent an inordinate amount of time emailing a friend whose hobby is correcting Wikipedia pages (She’s pregnant on bed rest and bored out of her mind.) about the “the king is dead, long live the king” which included your original translation as the Spanish version. We’ll see if she can change it. :) Popville, correcting the internet since 2006.

  • los

    You can’t call yourself “Los Cuates” and claim to provide fine dining, unless you are being ironic.

    BTW – There was some demo work going on either Sawah or Awash

  • Shaw_Resident

    Los Cuates has the best white queso in all of DC!

    • TX2DC

      +1. I used to eat at the Georgetown location when I lived around the corner from it. The food is decent (by East Coast Tex-Mex standards).

  • JohnWashDC

    Glad to see La Forchette meet its demise. Was food poisoned there once. To get them to pay the emergency room visit after them promising to do so over the course of a month.. I had to go into the dining room at diner and announce to the owner that I’d be letting every diner know what had happened. He finally paid the bill. Horrible place.


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