“It was a pretty amazing bike that I had custom built a few years ago in Amsterdam”

by Prince Of Petworth July 12, 2016 at 10:48 am 12 Comments

bike stolen

“Dear PoPville,

My beloved bicycle was stolen last night out of my garage on the 1300 block Spring Rd. It was a pretty amazing bike that I had custom built a few years ago in Amsterdam, road it to Paris, and then shipped it back to DC. It’s a black WorkCycle crossframe; pretty unique looking so I simply ask that my neighbors please keep an eye out for it. It was obviously a cherished possession. I’ve filed a police report, but am not expecting a miracle.

Please email Matt at [email protected] or call 215-669-4892 if you see it! Thanks!”

  • Jeff

    I will keep an eye out for it. It’s very unique and will easily stick out in the city.

    Just curious. How did they get into your garage?

  • hilleastbike

    I’m curious the circumstances in which it was stolen. I always hear about bikes being stolen in DC, how are they getting them? Do they just take a power tool to the lock/rack or something?

    • Jeff

      Bolt cutters or crowbars on cheep locks.

      • Anonymous

        Or power tools on expensive locks.
        Or removing a street sign and lifting the bike chained to it up and over the pole.
        If someone really wants your bike and has the opportunity and time to take it, they will take it.

    • TJ

      The post said it was taken from a garage, which presumably was vulnerable to easy entry (most are).

      • Jeff

        Well, details are important so others can avoid making the same mistakes.

      • anon

        depends on the garage. was it locked up inside the garage? was there forcible entry into the garage? if not, did they scale a fence or was the garage (or side door) just unlocked? i was thinking of building an outdoor storage shed for my bikes, and was just curious about how secure it ought to be. and i’m sure many of the other thousands of bike owners would also like to know some details.

        • textdoc

          I think someone posted not long ago about having a bike stolen out of a locked bike shed. IIRC, there were two bikes; one was locked (to itself, I think) and the other wasn’t. The thief took the one that wasn’t locked.
          Wasn’t there some discussion once about sinking a metal bolt thing into the ground with concrete or something, and then anchoring one’s bike to the (immovable) bolt? Or was that idea for scooters?

  • anon

    Feel like I saw this on the mall last night, but that would have been before it was stolen. I was sitting behind it and admiring how nice it looked. I hope you get it back.

  • navyard

    That looks like the Electra-Amsterdam bike. I wanted one so badly a few years ago, but REI didn’t have it and a special order required…something..can’t remember. I hope you get it back. I love those bikes!

  • Ned Irons

    I feel like I just saw this bike locked up on 20th St. north of Dupont close to the intersection with Florida.

    • mrbdc

      Thank you, I looked but this was a different bike.


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