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I’ve heard about Car Tires being Slashed but now Strollers Too?

by Prince Of Petworth July 11, 2016 at 12:55 pm 11 Comments


From the Brookland listserv:

“Stroller tires slashed on porch last night

We have twins and leave our large double stroller on our porch. It’s an old model that is really worn down so I haven’t been concerned about it getting stolen but I was still really surprised and frustrated to find this morning when I went out to go on a jog with my babies that all four tires were totally flat, but the rest of the stroller was intact. They worked yesterday so they were definitely slashed or popped.”

  • Dapu Fliccus

    “Leaky old tubes for $5,000.00, Aleksh”

  • Eliza

    The original poster retracted the claim. It appears the tires were over-inflated the previous night and popped on their own.

    • ah

      So maybe PoP can just delete this entire post?

      • Anon


  • anon

    There was a correction to this on the listserv this morning. Apparently they lent stroller out to friends who (over)filled tires and they popped. Crisis averted!

    • anon

      Listserv update:

      So sorry to alarm everyone. I just got ahold of my husband and while I was out friends borrowed the stroller yesterday for a jog and they pumped up the tires to be nice, so much so that they popped overnight.

      I feel silly but relieved. Again, I apologize!

      • Anonymous

        Hopefully next time he/she will check all her sources before blasting accusations to the entire neighborhood. As should we all.

        • Anony


  • Anon


  • Bloomingdale chick

    Was about to theorize that this was a Phil & Ted’s stroller. Their wheels suck.

  • kt

    Glad to hear this was just a misunderstanding. I live in a neighborhood where strollers actually do get stolen off of porches, so I didn’t have a hard time believing that this might happen!


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