“I was harassed by the same man under very similar circumstances on Mt. Pleasant Street”

by Prince Of Petworth July 15, 2016 at 2:15 pm 46 Comments


“Dear PoPville,

Unfortunately, I have an update on this story posted by a reader last August.

Sunday, 7/3 evening around 5:20, I was harassed by the same man under very similar circumstances on Mt. Pleasant Street outside of Old School Hardware. I was heading north when this man approached from the opposite direction. As we were passing he began yelling at me to move aside, stating that I had bumped into him, and calling me a ‘f$%&ing bitch’ — note that I never actually bumped into him or nor was I in his way … I was parallel to him by about a foot. I had headphones on, so it took me a moment to register that he was actually yelling at me, but as I was registering this as we passed, he then aggressively and forcefully punched me and grabbed my breast.

After the shock of what had just happened set in, I approached some bystanders who said they had heard the altercation but had not seen it. Another bystander told me they had seen him heading toward The Raven so I began to head that way (critique this as you will, but I wanted to get a photo of him as the above mentioned story came to mind and I wanted to see if they matched). I then saw the man walking back up toward the other end of Mt. Pleasant Street where I had first encountered him. Upon doing so, I snapped a photo of the man (he is in the black) and immediately moved to follow up with the police officers idling on the corner of Mt. Pleasant and Lamont. The police questioned him and he apparently had no memory of the encounter (though he’d also just gotten into multiple altercations with staff and customers at Sportsman’s Liquors who also spoke to the police). The police then let him go on about his business without further follow up.

Just a reminder to be mindful when encountering this individual.”

  • also anon

    Why did the police just let him go? How is grabbing your breast not sexual assault? Wasn’t someone just arrested for grabbing a woman’s butt on the metro?

    • ParkViewneighbor

      yeah well, MPD does not always bother to register this type of assaults. “Crime is down in DC”

    • FridayGirl


  • GBinCH

    His word against hers? Without other witnesses, etc, the police don’t have enough evidence to arrest someone.

    • marybindc

      So maybe get him on this one: “though he’d also just gotten into multiple altercations with staff and customers at Sportsman’s Liquors who also spoke to the police”

    • ke

      That just sounds like a bunch of malarkey to me. I swear that sexual assaults against women are subject to more of this “his word against hers” BS in ways that most (all?) other crimes are not. More like a case of paperwork allergy, or an attempt to keep the assault stats down. Maybe they would not have gotten a conviction based on this evidence alone, but there is certainly enough to investigate this incident more. Plus there were witnesses who heard an altercation. So the guy gets a case of amnesia and the police are like, “Well, you didn’t admit to anything, so nothing must have happened. Have a good day, sir.”
      OP, I really hope you run this up the 3D chain of command.

  • OP, please complain to the Third District Commander about how the police officers dealt with this situation.

  • erin

    Yes, absolutely. Follow up with their supervisors as this man has a known history of assaulting women, clearly is unstable with local businesses, and has “no memory of doing so.” This is ridiculous, this person needs some kind of help IMMEDIATELY, and the police did NOT do their due diligence.

  • Guillermo Brown

    Wasn’t there a story on PoP recently where a guy on 16th and Park acted in a similar way? Might have been contained a picture.

    • nevermindtheend

      You mean the story that is linked to in the first line of this post?

      • Guillermo Brown

        Ha! Is it quittin time yet?

  • SaraEP

    I know more violence isn’t the answer and I’ll most definitely catch shit for saying this but too bad someone didn’t knock this guy the f**k out. I guess he only does this to women walking alone? Maybe one day he’ll do this to someone with a large male friend who will put him in the hospital and then he’ll get treatment for his mental illness.

    I know this will upset many people but damn.

    • “Maybe one day he’ll do this to someone with a large male friend who will put him in the hospital and then he’ll get treatment for his mental illness.” Unlikely — he’ll probably be treated for physical injury only.
      There are pretty limited circumstances under which people can be made to receive mental-health treatment against their will.

      • SaraEP


  • KBT


  • DC is great isn’t it

    If MPD didn’t see the crime they probably won’t do anything.

  • Clueless

    What a jerk!

  • neighbor

    If they actually cared they could easily have gotten security cam footage at that location. That’s definitely enough to arrest him.
    Thanks for the support for sexual assaulters though, inspector.

  • dcd

    Yeah, this is why, whenever someone says, “But crime is down in DC! Just look at the statistics!” I just laugh at them.

  • Ernesta Bedoya

    An arrest would have gotten this guy off the streets for, what, 12-14 hrs? He’d be ‘no papered’ at the DC Courthouse jail, having caught some shut-eye and eaten a sandwich. Then he’d be right back at it again.

    • ke

      Related to the discussion on juvenile violence earlier today, I think that we keep coming back to an overall structural problem with DC’s criminal justice system. Who are the criminal justice decision-makers who are responsible to the DC electorate? We can complain about the police chief, who is appointed by the mayor, who we elect. But, when it comes to actual charging and prosecution of local crime, my understanding is that the DC’s US Attorney’s office has a great deal of latitude and discretion in “no papering,” charging and prosecuting local crimes, pleading out cases, and operating diversionary programs. Many jurisdictions elect their local prosecutors, so they are accountable for their conviction rate, criminal justice priorities, etc. But what recourse do DC residents have over our local prosecutors? For instance, it sure feels like there is a “catch and release” problem, and isn’t that the result of decisions by the US Attorney’s office, over which the citizens of DC have no control? Does anyone have any more knowledge of these issues to share?

  • Zandunga

    When I was attacked a couple of years ago on 16th St., Third District police said they couldn’t do anything since my attacker and witness version of the account were different. I complained to his superior but was threatened that if I pursued the case, I would be arrested since the attacker claimed I was the one who threatened them.

    • kittycatbob

      That is just awful. I’m so sorry to hear that.

  • Ward One Resident

    Mt Pleasant is in 4D, not 3D. The line is Harvard Street, so she should reach out to them.

    • My bad. (I figured this was Third District since Adams Morgan is, Columbia Heights is, and most of Park View is.) It looks like all of Mount Pleasant is in PSA 408 — complain to the Fourth District Commander and/or Lt. Micah Pate.

  • ParkViewneighbor

    Does anyone (lawyer) remember the weird situation of MPD which has a duty of protection to the public but not to the individual ? Not 100% sure of the exact wording but I’ve seen it mentioned a few times on PoP.
    I’d like to get some light shed on this matter

  • Anonymous

    There’s enormous political pressure on the MPD to keep stats down. Why? Developers want to continue the gravy train of renting out or selling minuscule apartments at top dollar.

  • Brentwood

    My mom gets upset with me for saying that someday, when I’m just depressed enough to stop caring about self preservation (I make a lot of “jokes” about how if I die, I don’t have to pay off my student loans), that I’m going to go batshit insane on someone when they try groping me or mugging me or whatever. I’ll probably die in the process (I’m pretty weak), but you know, hopefully get a good couple of blows in first.

    • yesjillsergeant

      I was groped by a man last year and there isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t regret not being able to successfully push him off his bike and beat the crap out of him. I even ran to my car to see if I could catch up to him, cut him off, and put the softball bat in my trunk to good use. Being violated will do amazing things to an otherwise nonviolent and rational person. Luckily, the police took my complaint very seriously (even though the pervert was never caught).

  • ExWalbridgeGuy

    I dunno, cops have always done a huge amount of this sort of thing… I’m sure there’s always more crime than gets reported, but the long-term *trend* is surely in the same direction as the statistics say it is. If anything, I’d suspect the under-reporting was worse in the past than now. Crime is unacceptably high, for sure, and enforcement unacceptably lax. But as a long-time resident I’m surprised if there’s anyone who seriously believes things are worse today than 10+ years ago. (That said, I have no view about whether 2016 is shaping up worse than, say, 2014.)

    • dunning-kruger

      Well said. The lying liars lied long ago and lied lately.

    • Jerry Grundle

      2016 definitely feels a lot better than 1996, but I’m not so sure there’s less crime today than there was in 2006.

  • Toonces

    +1000000 I’ve said to myself more times than I can count, “What the hell are people paying for?”

  • Toonces

    Hmmm. Technical glitch. This was supposed to be in response to Anonymous July 15, 2016 at 3:15 pm.

  • L.

    Same here – I had a guy ‘bump into me’ and basically honk my boob years ago. I was shocked and didn’t react at the time, but to this day I wish I had the reflexes to instantly kick him in the balls. “Wanna cop a feel, perv? Feel THAT!”

  • anon

    Public duty doctrine?

  • anon

    ^^ Supposed to be a reply to ParkViewneighbor

  • SWDC

    Warren v District of Columbia. A horrible case, that in my 35 year DC native opinion is unfortunately typical MPD ineptitude. Basically the police have no duty to protect any specific individual, but rather just the general “public”.

  • anon

    Well, good thing your didn’t, as you’d likely have been arrested.

  • victoria

    “people who might not choreograph as you’d like.” Seriously? This is not about some random pedestrian bumping. This is a disturbed individual, and sadly, a situation where there is really not much the police can do. A “heads up” posting with the photo is probably the most helpful thing anyone could have done. And hope he gropes some Krav Maga chick soon!

  • JoDa

    Please explain how not having headphones in would have helped OP. She walked past someone who wasn’t doing anything but apparently walking the other way, without touching him or, it sounds like, even looking at him. He went off. Nothing to do with headphones. Nothing to do with not being aware of her surroundings.
    Personally, I wear headphones to *avoid* altercations similar to this. If it’s plausible that I didn’t hear the catcalls, it’s less likely my ignoring them will be returned with threats of violence, following, and other disturbing and escalating behaviors.

    • FridayGirl

      +1 to your first paragraph. I don’t think this has to do with OP being unaware…
      “note that I never actually bumped into him or nor was I in his way…”

      • JoDa

        Re: the second paragraph, note my use of the word “plausible.” If I am entering a relatively risky situation (say, walking the dog late at night or walking through a nearby area where there have been a few incidents of violence recently), I still have my headphones in to give myself cover, but I probably don’t have any audio on. They’re buds…they dampen noises only a very, very small amount without audio playing. I can still hear if the guy who just told me some very, very nice things he’d like to do to me is running up behind me. Sure, walking around in broad daylight in areas I know to be pretty safe, I probably have the audio going, but sometimes it’s just a veneer so that I don’t have to risk my safety to ignore sexual harassment.

  • P. Lecheval

    From the sound of it, this guy assaults people on a regular (daily?) basis. How he hasn’t been locked away or beaten into submission is surprising.

  • joeyd520

    I’m fairly certain this is the same guy I saw call a woman passing by a “white bitch,” and continue to yell at her walking on Mt. Pleasant Street on July 3rd.

  • EHDC

    OP: I am sorry that this happened!! F that BS. Thank you for the alert.


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