Dog Hit by Stray Bullet in 6:30pm Shooting at 7th and Jefferson St, NW Last Night

by Prince Of Petworth July 26, 2016 at 1:00 pm 11 Comments

dog shot

“Dear PoPville,

There was a shooting in Brightwood around 6:30pm today [Monday] on 7th and Jefferson. I was about 20 feet away walking the dogs I’m dog sitting for. I am fine but unfortunately one of the dogs was hit in the leg. She is being a champ though and is currently being treated at the vet. It’s a shame because there has been a police presence on this particular corner every night. I guess that means shootings are happening during the day when more folks/bystanders are around? Just please be safe everyone.”

Update this morning:

“She’s staying at the vet for now but fortunately shouldn’t need surgery. And props to all the neighbors who came outside when I got back asking how she was doing!”

  • Dognonymous

    As a fellow anonymous dog, all the best to this poor pupper.

  • Anon

    With the non-stop shootings on this corner it’s only a matter of time before one ends up in a homicide. I think it’s been over a year since the last one, but that’s a minor miracle.

  • Anon

    Wow. Just pure luck that this wasn’t another bystander death. This neighborhood has had a rough summer. Best wishes to the pup.

  • madmonk28

    Things like this should put to rest the tired cliché that it’s only drug dealers shooting at each other and the rest of the community don’t need to worry about shots fired. The speaker of the cliché is trying to sound cynical and savvy, but they sound like a twit who watched the Wire and thinks they know something. Glad the dog is going to be ok.

  • Anony

    I bet the dog had something to do with drugs or knew the perps, these things are usually not random….All kidding aside, sorry for the pup and wishing a fast recovery!

  • Extremely Disconcerting

    We stood with Brandon Todd and Commander Manlapaz on this very corner about a month ago and discussed the chronic violence with them. It is clear that they’re aware of the problem, but apparently it takes years and years to build a case. I don’t know why. Is this really a sophisticated crime syndicate that we’re dealing with here? Just make some damn arrests!

  • I live nearby and was unloading kiddos maybe ten minutes before this happened. There definitely seemed to be more kids on too-small bikes than usual and it totally seemed like something was going to go down. I wrote it off as my paranoia, but now I’m really glad I got home when I did and not 10 minutes later.

  • neighbor

    This was clearly a targeted shooting. I can tell by looking at that dog that she’s in the game. You reap what you sow little pup!

    • neighbor2

      Clearly this is the fault of on irresponsible dog owner. It’s no surprise that dogs raised with poor values end up in this kind of situation.

    • neighbor3

      Your humor is in very poor taste.

      Glad she will be ok and glad the walker and other pup were unharmed. Kudos to the walker for reacting quickly to help the pup and thoughts and prayers to the pup and her family.

  • JeffersonSt

    What the hell is going on with this particular intersection? And why aren’t the police doing more than just placing a flood light there some evenings? Seems like they have more than enough to go on at this point and should be doing more to actually go after whoever or whatever house is the source of these repeated incidents.


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