“Despite two of the suspects being armed with guns, the officers selflessly gave chase on foot. All three suspects were apprehended”

by Prince Of Petworth July 29, 2016 at 8:49 am 34 Comments

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From MPD:

“This evening [Thursday] at approximately 6:30 pm in the unit block of Florida Avenue NW, three subjects occupying a gold Ford Explorer accosted several citizens at gunpoint as they exited an establishment in the block. The victims were robbed of their personal possessions, and the suspects fled the scene in the vehicle.

Moments later the Office of Unified Communications dispatcher broadcast the radio run for the robbery, including a look-out for the suspect vehicle.

Fifth District officers immediately flooded the area while canvassing for the victims and suspects. Within moments, one of the officers spotted the suspect vehicle and began coordination with other officers in the area to conduct a felony vehicle stop. While doing so, the suspects became aware of the increasing MPD presence, and the suspects fled in the vehicle to an alley in the 200 block of Morgan St NW. The suspects bailed out of the vehicle and fled on foot. Despite two of the suspects being armed with guns, the officers selflessly gave chase on foot. All three suspects were apprehended without injury to the officers or the suspects.

The suspects were positively identified as having committed the robbery in question, and two loaded and operable pistols were recovered, as was the property of the victims. The patrol officers of the Fifth District, as well as members of the Second District Crime Suppression Team, and numerous detectives from the Fifth District Detectives’ Unit worked together closely and seamlessly to remove three dangerous felons from the streets of the District, as well as two firearms.

Outstanding police work by our members, of which the community and their peers can be very proud! Great work!!!”

  • ANC

    Way to go 5D officers! Nice for the good guys to win one every once in awhile.

  • Tom

    My thanks for these officers for their bravery and commitment to keeping the community safe. You have my great admiration – amazing job!

  • Anon3

    Way to go 5D officers – thank you for your dedication to keeping us safe!

  • Trinidaddy

    That’s pretty awesome – well done MPD!

  • Mike


  • Anon

    This is awesome! Thank you MPD!

  • Neighbor

    This is great, but I would have been fine with them shooting the suspects as well. No need to put officer’s lives at risk.

    • Anon Spock

      Shooting a fleeing suspect is a crime even if you know they have a weapon. Cops don’t get the privilege of being judge, jury, and executioner simply because they signed up for the 15th most dangerous job in America.

      • R

        That’s not a complete nor accurate description of the fleeing felon rule and is certainly not how it has been interpreted and applied in countless jurisdictions.

        • Anon Spock

          Tennessee v Garner: a law enforcement officer may not use deadly force to prevent escape unless the officer has probable cause to believe the suspect poses a significant threat of death or serious physical injury to the officer or others
          There you go R.

          • R

            Significantly improved over your original statement. Care to explore now what constitutes probable cause that the suspect poses a significant threat? I think that you will find that decisions implementing the Garner standard show your original statement to be far too broad.

          • stacksp

            Back turned and running away is not considered a significant threat as he is fleeing. Threat resumes if he were to turn around and aim. If he were to do so, the pursuing officer would have the jump and be able to fire first.

          • Fed

            R is correct. It is more nuanced than what you originally wrote or what stacksp said. While in most situations you could not shoot a fleeing suspect that is armed, that might be justified and appropriate if say you saw an individual just shoot three people and then he/she was about to escape, as in an active shooter scenario. While it would require an officer to back it up, one could argue that if the suspect escaped they posed a significant deadly threat to others even if they weren’t currently aiming or threatening anyone. I’m not arguing that is the case here, just that your ability to Google search Tennessee v. Garner does not make you an expert.

            Neighbor, while I have absolutely no compassion towards people that threaten others with guns, shooting is still not the preferred option if it can be avoided if only because no one hits their target 100% of the time and bullets travel far and go through walls. As a neighbor, I wouldn’t want to put you in unnecessary risk unless it warranted it.

    • Bloomy

      This is not the time for officers to be shooting anyone, unless that have no other choice… clearly here, they had another choice.

  • madmonk28

    Good job MPD. Now prosecutors, do your job with as much passion and skill.

    • atlascesar


  • anon_bdale

    Amazing! Props to 5D!! Hoping these are the guys that have been terrorizing bloomingdale for the past few months.

  • Anony

    Great job officers and thank you for your service!!

  • Bdale Res

    It would be AMAZING if these guys are linked to the rash of robberies in Bloomingdale from May-July.

    • lmfb

      Agreed. I know there’s not one big criminals’ convention or a bad guy blog, but I will hang on to the hope that maybe they will have some information about the murder earlier this month.

  • CP

    It was really a large presence; we were eating at Far East Grille Tacos on Florida Ave (amazing…yum yum) and 13+ cop cars, 1 unmarked car and an ambulance sped by (all going at least 60+ mph except the poor ambulance who was much slower and got left in the dust)…Props to the cops!

  • That guy

    This is the MPD I worked with, honor, and love. Never Forget! Stay safe my brothers and sisters in blue.

  • anon

    I see Florida and North Capitol remains one of the most charming intersections in the city.

  • anonymous

    In cases like these- do the victims have to show up in court during the trials and testify? These criminals have NO idea on how these affect their victims lives in so many ways.

    • anon

      If a particular victim’s testimony is needed to make out a case, a prosecutor can subpoena a victim to testify. Don’t know how often that happens, though. A victim can also give impact statements, but that’s at sentencing.

    • Being a victim sucks

      I was a victim of an armed robbery this year. I had to testify in front of the grand jury a couple of months ago. One guy pled out to avoid trial/the felony conviction. They’re still building a case against the other 2 guys. I was told if any go to trial I’ll have to testify.

  • Marty

    “Despite two of the suspects being armed with guns, the officers selflessly gave chase on foot. ”

    I would that officers, in general, wouldn’t stop chasing bad guys just because they had guns. (although I realize that chasing on foot may be more dangerous than chasing in a car)

    • madmonk28

      I don’t think it’s like the cop was just going to break off and call it a day, but instead of continuing to chase them on foot, the officer might have waited for more police, dogs and a chopper. I don’t think anyone would blame an officer for not continuing to run after a group of armed criminals and waiting for reinforcements, which would allow the criminals to ditch evidence and possibly escape.

  • Alex

    Well done! And thanks to the police for all the tireless work that often flies below the radar.

  • Maho

    Well done, MPD!! Thank you for your courage and service!

  • Bloomingdale Neighbor

    Great work MPD but my bet is the lazy a$$ US Atty’s office will plead this to a nothing charge and these douchebags will be back out there. Sad the good work of the MPD seems to always be “not enough” for putting perps like this behind bars for LONG sentences.

  • Hill Denizen

    This is awesome! Great job, MPD! Let’s hope these cretins get locked up for a long time…..Also, thanks for not ending your second to last sentence with a preposition (can’t help it, pet peeve).

  • Gerry

    Excellent police work. Congratulations.

  • Jspeck

    Awesome work MPD! Let’s hope the US Attorneys Office respects your hard work nand actually does it’s job as well rather than let these dangerous people loose with nothing but a “simple assault” as is usually the case. US Attorney’s office, please, stop letting these crazy, dangerous criminals back into our community without any repercussions for their actions and no, a “simple assault” plea with no jail time is not sufficient! Enough is enough.


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