• MtP

    So happy they are working fast on this. I am SO excited about this and hope it brings some attention to this strip.

    • P. Lecheval

      Yeah, unlike World of Beer or whatever is supposed to go into the old 4P’s space.

      • ***

        Yeah… something tells me the World of Beers thing fell through. There is now a for-lease sign on the building that I don’t think was there before. The thing with CP is this – there is so much potential and I think there really is the audience to support it, but the NIMBY’s have such a lock on the area and will do literally everything in their power to keep it as some microcosm of yesteryear DC, that frankly, I don’t think anything remotely interesting even sees CP as a viable area to relocate to. Honestly – and this is coming from a resident nearby – I hope that all of the areas around CP that are on the up and up (Cathedral Commons, Van Ness, Tenleytown) run CP into the ground. Let the NIMBY’s have their empty storefront and their service lane.


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