Indian Street Food coming to Cleveland Park (Part One)

by Prince Of Petworth July 13, 2016 at 10:20 am 8 Comments

ardeo bardeo

Finally some good restaurant news for Cleveland Park (RIP Palena) from the Washington Post:

“Expect to see kati rolls (wraps, such as one with pork), pao (a kind of sandwich on a soft buttery bun) and kabobs (such as pathar gosht with lamb) among the offerings. Also: uttapam, a fermented rice pancake, and bhel puri, a sweet and savory snack with raw mangoes, lentils and puffed rice. Prices will range from $9 to $14.

Bindaas will occupy less than half of the current Ardeo + Bardeo space on Connecticut Avenue NW. The new venture will seat 50 diners…”

Updates when they open.

  • anon

    Wait, did Ardeo-Bardeo close? I know I live under a rock but I do love going over there about once a year. Major bummer, but perhaps this will be as good just different!

    • ***

      No. If you read the linked WaPo article, this sounds like more of a pop-up in Ardeo, but actually built-out in the space (they will have their own kitchen, etc.). Ardeo will get a remodel, but will remain open.

      • MtP

        Yeah, I just read the article, and it seems likely that this will take over the old “Bardeo” space, so basically they are splitting it back up like it was a few years ago. Great idea because the space is just too big as is. Very excited about this. Ardeo is great and seems popular enough, but is never packed. And this stretch of CP can use all the “buzz” it can get. Some underrated spots on the strip, but making it more of a destination again would be great.

  • MtP

    This is great news. It sounds awesome and Ardeo/Bardeo never seems packed, its a very large space. Frankly, I hope they take the whole former Bardeo space on the right and turn it into this. The bar on the Ardeo side is more than big enough for the demand.

  • Boozehound

    I love Indian food (it’s my favorite cuisine) and I’ve had a soft spot in my heart for Cleveland Park for years, but…doesn’t Indique, which is less than a hundred feet away, offer many of the same things? Having cooked my way through the majority of around a half dozen or so Indian cookbooks, I really wish we could see some more adventurous Indian restaurants. Why not more places focusing purely on South Indian food that aren’t vegetarian? Or perhaps a place that specifically focuses on a distinctive culinary region and maybe just does food most common in some place like Uttar Pradesh or Kerala? Still, any new Indian place doing something other than the tired lunch buffet and the standard 10-12 items like butter chicken, various tandoori things, palak paneer, vindaloo, etc… is a welcome venture in my eyes. Best of luck to them. I look forward to trying it out.

  • MtP

    Agreed, more variation would be good, but at least this sounds a little different. I haven’t tried it, but I have heard good things about Banana Leaves farther up Connecticut, which specializes in Sri Lankan and South Indian cuisine if you’re looking for that.

  • MtP

    Its Banana Leaf, singular. Not to be confused with the plural that is a fairly decent Thai/pan-Asian place on Florida Ave near Dupont. Two unrelated spots.

  • Huma

    I will second Banana Leaf – they have a branch in NY where I first got hooked to them. Would highly recommend the fish cooked in the banana leaf – unbelievably good. I had heard a month or so ago that they’re applying for a liquor license, but for now (although I would check before going) you can bring your own booze in.


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